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Why not bring a shelter dog home for the holidays?

This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland. He's a Whiner. And, no, not a Wimer. He's a Pity-Me Canine. And, he's a Doggie Story-teller, of sorts.

For plus pages, Beckham, in his own sarcastic and unappreciative descriptions, tells the story of his personal account of holiday loneliness, beginning with whisking the reader through the American traditions of Halloween and Thanksgiving, neither of which delight him. Soon, he spins his loneliness-and-neglected tale that occurs during the Christmas season in the Mathison family household, detailing in particular the 24 hours from Christmas Eve until the end of Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas Therapy Music for Dogs! Calming Christmas Music for Dogs in the Holiday Season! 🎅🏻

With fowl language, no illustrations, three hundred short pages, and an animal's negativity toward a Christian holiday, it should be categorized as a short story for adults. Should the author consider cutting out the story's wordiness and bad words, and hire an illustrator, then, the genre would be appropriate for the children's marketplace.

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If he does not, the story remains RUFF! I read reviews before starting this story, and people really liked it or else had a lot of complaints about the language saying it is not for children even though it was found in the children's section.

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Well, I don't know if the reviews have changed things or not, but the description now clearly states this book is not for children. That would definitely be a correct assessment because of the language. However, if you take out the objectionable language, I still just don't see what everyone else found to love about this story.

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Yes, it was told from a dog's point of view, but that didn't make it cute like I had expected , interesting, or funny. I just found it boring. If you are looking for a good Christmas dog story, a good dog story, or even a good Christmas story without a dog, this is not it! Keep looking because there are others that will meet either the dog or Christmas expectation or even both of them, but I would suggest skipping this one.

What age group is this for? The simplicity of the writing there is no plot, it's just one family's Christmas from the dog's point of view made me think that it was for children, but as many other reviewers mention, the language used probably isn't youth appropriate. Although fosters only commit to having the animals for a set period of time, many end up adopting their temporary pets, becoming their long-term fosters or working hard to find them permanent homes. When LifeLine did a similar program over Thanksgiving, 16 of the 20 dogs involved either were adopted or fostered long-term by their hosts.

The remaining four were adopted quickly, too. She made it her mission to find the dog a home and did," Hirsch says. Shelter employees also benefit from the program. Not only do they get a bit of a respite when there are fewer dogs in the shelter to care for, but there's also an incredible feel-good element.

Meet a remarkable volunteer caring for Battersea’s homeless dogs and cats on Christmas Day

Dogs an enjoy a break from all the noises and activity at a busy shelter. Author Greg Kincaid wrote about the idea in his novel, "A Dog Named Christmas," where a fictional shelter asks people to foster dogs over the holidays.

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