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Here is Mr. Trevelyan portraying Mr. Biggar as a hideous toy-monkey. But that was in , before Sir G. Trevelyan had discovered the virtue and beauty of his Irish friends. Spotted a problem with this article? The Harry Furniss Dickens: containing five hundred original illustrations Here, who did this? The history of Henry Esmond, Esq. Letter from Harry Furniss to "Mr. Blatill", saying his doctor ordered him to take rest as he has been working at high pressure and that he took his daughter to Paris Letter from Harry Furniss to "Mr.

Parke", explaining that he only had two hours to make a draft and providing contact details if he would like to communicate in the future Letter from Henry Furniss to unknown recipient, regarding reducing a fee Lovel the widower and other stories and sketches M. Punch's parliamentary portrait gallery. The memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq. Pendennis, Esq. A pan-democrat lawmaker threw a glass to CY Leung before the Legislative meeting and was charged for common assault. Two lawmakers who entered the parliament's chamber without being authorized to do so caused a scuffle then the lawmakers tried to read out their oath of office.

In January , there was a riot in the Tamil Nadu state legislative assembly over a vote of majority for Janaki Ramachandran , who was serving as Chief Minister following the death in December of her husband MGR. The Congress party with its 60 MLAs was able to play "kingmaker". A riot ensued in the legislature, with members clubbing each other with microphone stands and footwear, which was finally ended by riot police who stormed the legislature and beat up everybody with their batons.

The state was placed under President's rule for a year, until the next scheduled state assembly elections in January On 25 March , a riot broke out in the state legislative assembly in Tamil Nadu between members of the ruling DMK party and the now-unified opposition ADMK party over the reading of the state budget.

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Riots broke out in the state legislative assembly in Uttar Pradesh with MLAs using microphones, chairs as weapons. A member of the legislative assembly has been assaulted on 10 November in the state assembly. One of the members 'who can't speak Marathi ' took the oath in Hindi , one of the official languages of India.

This was objected to by a right wing party Maharashtra Navanirmana Samithi, that wants Marathi to be the official language in the state. Four members of the Maharashtra Navaniramana Samithi were immediately suspended for 4 years. There has been violence in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. There has been violence in the Council of Representatives of Iraq. Legislative violence has happened in Israel. A brawl broke out in over an issue of funding for new youth social centres.

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A brawl broke out in Japan's parliament on 17 September after the upper house approved legislation for the controversial security bills that would allow the country to send troops to fight abroad for the first time since the Second World War. Members of the opposition tried to grab the microphone and stop Masahisa Sato, acting chairman of the upper house special committee, from carrying out the vote in parliament.

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There has been violence during Parliament of Jordan sessions. Kenya's lawmakers come to blows in parliament chamber over proposed security bill - meanwhile police arrest protesters outside the building. Opposition politicians released tear gas in parliament to obstruct a session in Kosovo's parliament. A shoe fight started after Hamdan El-Azmi expressed his opposition to the government presenting an amendment to the distribution of electoral constituencies in the new municipal law.

Lawmakers were involved in a brawl over disputes during a meeting of a parliamentary committee. It was the latest installment of the string of fistfights that rattled the Mexican legislature. The incident was broadcast on live television. In spite of such events the ceremony took place.

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Then, after singing the national anthem which silenced the opposition for a while, he took a quick exit rather than deliver his inaugural address to Congress the traditional follow-up to the oath taking. Hamid Chabat scuffled with Aziz Lebbar. A brawl broke out in Nepal's parliament over Nepal's constitution [72].

A fight broke out in the National Assembly of Nigeria after a group of members were suspended for accusing the speaker of corruption. Nigerian politicians were involved in a fight after a group from the People's Democratic Party PDP tried to address parliament. An ethnic Albanian opposition party announced it was boycotting parliament after a fist fight broke out in the chamber between one of its members and another from a rival party.

Pakistani politicians fought over the Asia Bibi blasphemy case. The Congress of the Republic of Peru has seen many violent acts through the years. He was suspended days from Congress. After Alberto Fujimori dissolved Congress and approved a unicameral legislature, Congressman Javier Diez Canseco decided to finish a heated discussion with a Fujimorist congressman with a punch in the jaw.

He was suspended days from the legislature for the violent act.

For that reason, they tried to escape punching and kicking the Congress security. They were suspended days from the legislature for the violent acts. In the Philippines , Senator Antonio Trillanes IV , a former military officer who led 2 infamous coup attempts Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula siege during the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo presidential administration, seen on national television as he turned off the microphone of his fellow Senator former Partymate Alan Peter Cayetano during the Senate hearing on the Philippine war on drugs in September , [77] and in January to Sen.

Migz Zubiri in near fistfighting, after the Kilusang Pagbabago Coalition Members rejected the Trillanes resolution for investigation for the Bureau of Immigration Bribery scandal. Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters party became engaged in a brawl with security guards after attempting to prevent President Jacob Zuma from addressing the parliament. There have been several events of legislative violence in South Korea.

However, the politicians who were involved in the violence often don't receive criminal penalties under the civil laws. During a vote to approve Kim Jong-pil as Prime Minister , Grand National Party legislators submitted blank ballots to demonstrate their disapproval. A fight broke out after supporters of the ruling coalition of Kim Dae-jung demanded that the vote be declared void. During a National Assembly vote on the motion to impeach President Roh Moo-hyun , supporters of the President openly clashed with opposition MPs for 20 minutes in an effort to stop the vote which was in favor of impeachment from being finalized.

A brawl broke out as The National Assembly passed three bills that is set to reform the media industry. Opposition MPs blocked the Speaker from entering the room to pass the bills while both sides clashed. The bills were eventually passed by the Deputy Speaker. A brawl broke out as the Grand National Party forcefully passed the year budget bill in advance without the presence of the opposition parties.

The Opposition lawmakers used tear gas in the parliament. On 23 February The officers held the parliamentarians and ministers hostage for 18 hours, during which time King Juan Carlos I denounced the coup in a televised address, calling for rule of law and the democratic government to continue. Though shots were fired, the hostage-takers surrendered the next morning without killing anyone. Legislative violence has happened in the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China Taiwan is probably the most notable modern example of legislative violence.

In the history of the Legislative Yuan, numerous violent acts have occurred during parliamentary sessions. In , the Legislative Yuan was presented with the Ig Nobel Prize Peace Award, for "demonstrating that politicians gain more by punching, kicking and gouging each other than by waging war against other nations".

Listed below are the most current brawlings in the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan. Lo Fu-chu scuffled with Diane Lee during a committee meeting. A serious scuffle broke out between the ruling and opposition party members after an argument over vote recounts from the presidential election. TV stations showed Zhu grabbing Lai and trying to wrestle him onto a desk.

He then tried to headbutt his colleague before jabbing him in the stomach. The brawl resulted in having a traffic policeman called into the chamber to test Zhu's alcohol level, after he was accused of being drunk. The tests showed no sign of alcohol influence.

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During a debate on a military hardware purchase ordinance, the opposition and ruling party engaged in a food fight after a disagreement broke out. Amid a proposal about creating direct transport links with People's Republic of China, DPP deputy Wang Shu-hui snatched the written proposal and shoved it into her mouth. Opposition members failed to get her to cough it up by pulling her hair. She later spat the proposal out and tore it up. Two dozen members overwhelmed the Speaker's podium, which became a free-for-all between the ruling DPP and opposition KMT parties with punches and sprayed water, requiring at least one hospitalization.

The fight was over an alleged delay of the annual budget. Angry Taiwan legislators wrestled , splashed water and bit one another in a brawl over a controversial capital gains tax on share trading. They also claim that the plan has been devised to secure support for the party ahead of next year's regional elections. On 13 July , the Premier of the Republic of China, Lin Chuan was prevented from delivering his report on the budget after a water balloon was thrown towards him.

This resulted in him leaving the chamber and causing the session to come to a halt. In the following day, opposition lawmakers occupied the chamber and raised large padded office chairs above their heads, surrounded the podium and tussled with rival legislators to prevent Mr Lin from presenting the report once more as water balloons were thrown.

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This resulted in the early suspension of the parliamentary session. There has been legislative violence in the National Assembly of Thailand. Violent clashes between members of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People. There has been legislative violence during TBMM sessions, including:. Lawmakers of Parliament of Uganda were brawling during a plenary session after the parliament speaker allowed the constitutional amendment to be presented to MPs.

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The amendment about the age-limit issue on re-election of President Yoweri Museveni who is 73 years old and the limit for re-election is capped at A debate on extending Russia's lease of the naval base in the Black Sea in exchange for cheaper oil descended into a mass brawl, involving smoke bombs, eggs and general fighting among members. The Speaker had to be escorted from the chamber, covered by umbrellas. Violent scuffles broke out in the Ukrainian parliament on 24 May during a debate over a bill which would allow the official use of Russian language in certain parts of the country.

Two parliament members, Oleh Lyashko and Oleksandr Shevchenko , got into an argument on the floor. Shevchenko accused Lyashko, who had built an image as a combative opponent of pro-Russian separatists , of never having visited the separatist eastern region.