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Whatever the reason the children should be left work to do and be properly supervised. No, it's not. Although I believe others like it exist in France there are a couple in Paris , ours is a private association on the cote d'azur. Students can go straight from our classes to their other subjects taught in French. Is your association nationwide? I'm sure there are lots of SFN people who might be interested if so?

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Alas Cheryl I'd never get a job in London - too old to retrain or get a visa. It's not quality that counts. I cannot entirely agree. We have teachers among our friends who are dedicated, hard working people trying to do what they are supposed to do. It is not just rote learning, no opinion, be quiet and know your place either. Yes, they exist and probably too many. Things need to change and there the writing is on the wall for them to see. At least two French universities used to be in the top 10 in the world 20 years ago, at present only one is in the top and that is not the one everybody expects.

I spent 30 and a bit years there, did lots of teaching too. Not a French university, of course. French students came with all the essential tools for study but no idea how to use them. I had an excellent doctoral student I co-supervised, a clever, clever book learner but doing field based work he had not a clue because he had never been prepared for anything outside a classroom. In fact, many of the errors learned at each layer of school and through French undergraduate study came with him.

For somebody studying social anthropology he had the least useful amount of geography. Beyond France and former French colonies he scarcely knew which continents countries were on.

Bolivia in East Africa is the classic I will never forget. As for being told to go out to find materials himself, he could only ask precisely which books I meant him to read. The word 'choose' foxed him. Yet for all of that he was incredibly well educated in things UK students fell apart doing, for instance writing good grammatical English.

Perhaps the solution is between the two somewhere. The structure is outmoded here, teachers not really that well treated by the state anyway yeah, yeah jobs for life - that does not mean they are in clover and the incentives to do anything creatively in an inflexible curriculum are just not there. It is probably a case of the entire European continent banging its collective heads together and seeing that if they cherry picked the best of what each country has to offer then countries like China and India that are modernising education at quite a good pace will not run off ahead.

I doubt, Cheryl, your voice is any more than just another in the wilderness given that among the teachers we know there are people who have a lot to say but are not being heard. Above all else, perhaps the old regime that controls education should be locked away in homes for the elderly and young, visionary people put in their places? Even then I wonder, many of the powers that be would have been my contemporaries at the time of the '68 student actions who demanded change.

Perhaps, what I am saying is wrong and it is simply what people want because they feel safe with that?

Absent: The English Teacher

It is deeper than what the article implies and so I would say I doubt very much whether that article 'says it all' or indeed his book either. As an education consultant retired head I have a number of ways to help with the key issues, but the bureaucracy involved in getting to speak to anyone with influence in France is defeating me at the moment.. I didn't realise you were a Kiwi Absolutely right Brian. I'm an English teacher in a lycee in southern France and understand your frustration. When I started my job, I was surprised to learn that when a teacher is absent, there are no substitutes to take over.

For us, if another employed teacher can and is willing to take the class, then that is what happens. Work is provided. If not, the class is canceled. For a medical issue that I had last year, I found out that one of my classes didn't meet for two weeks! Luckily, I was able to connect with most of the students through a Facebook page that was created to let students know about homework, upcoming tests, teacher absences, special reminders, etc.

Currently, I am on maternity leave I go back after the February vacation , but you can bet that I'm checking in with the replacement teacher and making sure that I know what has been taught, what I will encounter upon my return, and so forth.

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Obviously, it was a planned absence, so my position was advertised and the teacher is highly qualified. Our association is growing too, so it sounds as if we may be able to keep a couple trained teachers as substitutes.

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With the amount of teachers we have, the one or two hired should have more or less a full work week, especially during the winter months. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this is important in the French Education system. The French Education teachers that I know DO care about their students of course, there are some that I know who don't and they prepare lessons like crazy and correct essays and try to have lessons that are creative, fun, and educational, but for the ones that are there who don't seem to care, I wonder about burnout. Perhaps they came into teaching with great enthusiasm, but looking at the things that they are asked to do and then looking at what they get paid which, in my opinion, is horribly low considering everything that they are asked to do As said, we can't.

Classes are not supposed to be unattended, full stop. If their teacher isn't with them a pion is supposed to be - how the Vie Scolaire sorts out its people is sometimes interesting, however. Interesting at best but could also be very frustrating, as I'm sure you can imagine.. There is no way in the UK that a class could be left unattended Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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No institutional affiliation. LOG IN. In this Book. Additional Information. Eppel has satirized the racial politics of southern Africa in many of his previous novels. In Absent: The English Teacher he turns his gaze inwards for a generous and richly rewarding parody of the land of his birth.

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