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But, his students still used to sit on the floor, dresser etc.

Attending these lectures were entirely free and the needed expenses were attempted to be collected by voluntary donation. But later it was seen the amount they were getting through voluntary donations was insufficient to pay the rent of the house and other maintenances. So, the classes started facing financial problems. At this time Vivekananda decided to conduct another series of public lectures to collect money to run private classes.

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He explained, according to Hindu tradition, students should not be charged, and a teacher has to bear expenses of his works. The interest of the students of Vivekananda grew so much that they requested Vivekananda to continue the classes through the summer too.

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At this time Vivekananda was very tired after multiple long sessions of lectures. However, upon the request, he decided to continue the classes. A problem arose at that time when it was found too many of his students would be out of town at that time and they had to arrange a place to conduct the classes. The problem was solved when Miss D, one of the students, came forward and told she owned a cottage at Thousand Island Park and offered it to use the cottage. Vivekananda and his disciples accepted the offer.

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From mid-June to early August Vivekananda conducted classes and delivered lectures to some selected students at Thousand Island Park. A number of lectures of Vivekananda were taken down by Sara Ellen Waldo, a disciple of Vivekananda [5] who was later known as Haridasi. This event ran at a modest financial loss. If I could sell another two hundred tickets I could achieve financial breakeven. All 13 speakers received a standing ovation. Their videos received an aggregate of 2,, views within 12 months of their release.

Inspired Talks by Swami Vivekananda

The event operated at breakeven. I breathed a sigh of relief. At around this time it dawned on me that the events that I was producing were a blend of information and entertainment but they were not triggering significant action. In a blinding Aha moment I realized that ideas did not have to be end points but could be starting points for inspiring people to think differently and act bravely to serve humanity.

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My awareness of this potential was accompanied by a more practical realization: in order to elevate speakers from informational to inspirational they needed professional coaching. But who would pay for this coaching? I could not find professional speaker coaches willing to volunteer the amount of time that each speaker required to effect the transition from informational to inspirational. See you there!

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