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What does the Bible say about tithing?

We are kings and priests and we are to tithe. I struggle with it as I am down to nothing each pay period. I am not in debt either. Craig you are right because you use Scripture in context and rightly divide it. Revelation says we are kings and priests. The reality is we are a royal priesthood because we as Christians have the same access to our Father.

Tithing is a command to Israel, not the Church. Again people point to Abraham. Ok, if the standard to determine if an activity is still valid for the Church is that Abraham did same activity before the Mosaic Law, then circumcision and animal sacrifice is for us as well. Um what passage directs this?

All God tells us is give with a generous heart moved by love. Tithing is not commanded in the NT. We are commanded and encouraged to give but not tithe. I give what I can when I can. No guilt and condemnation. Amen, God is good. We trust in God to lead us and guide us and grant us favor and wisdom, and He does this simply because He loves us and sent His Son to die for us.

Not because we give him some monetary exchange. You are blessed to have been able to give so generously in the first place. Remember Peter walking on the water??? Jesus held out His hand and pulled Peter up…. Love to hear an update…. We live in a fallen World. Selling their church or book or ministry etc. Does God supply? Yep, what does He supply? He can do anything He is God, He grants miracles sometimes and others He gives us wisdom and favor. Because we threw money at a preacher?

No, because He loves us and because we are His children. Cheryl those things occur for all people. You received a tax refund from the IRS because you overpaid, not because you gave ten percent to some church. About 5 years ago I tithed. I had all I needed all the time. No matter how much money I spent I still had a sufficient amount to meet my needs. My health was great, never any car trouble and I was living happy and in peace.

Then I stopped tithing for no reason other than greed, thinking I would have more for myself. I never have enough money to meet my needs now. My mortgage payment went up, I accumulated more debt because of poor health and repairs to my house. Guess what? You live in a fallen World.

Breaking your stuff until you pay your protection fee.

Sorry, God is not like John Gotti or some other gangster. Jesus became a curse for you. I have a problem with this article. I am currently going through a tithing situation with my sister. She will write a hot check to her church and then we end up giving her the money to pay a bill because she has no money. I know that the correct order of things is 1 God; 2 family; 3 church.

Why do we give tithes and offerings in church?

But the money that goes into the church is used to pay the rent and upkeep on the church. They are a poor church and are not able to help her when she has no money. She is tithing to her church and my church is helping her, in addition to my husband and I. I already tithe at my own church but feel like we are also tithing at her church. She is putting church second and self and family third.

Her husband is taken care of but she is not taking care of herself. In my eyes, this is so wrong. Nobody in the church except the treasurer should even know if she tithes and how much. It is currently a very uncomfortable situation for all of us. I just bought a new car and have offered to give her my old one because she drives miles a week to visit her husband nearly every day, in a car that is threatening to fall apart under her. Because she is angry at my suggesting she is tithing too much, she is now refusing the car. I feel that she is tithing at the wrong church.

She needs to move to another church because her church I feel is in it for the money. The bible states beware of false prophets. I believe if she starts to attend your church or somewhere more teaching about the word of God. Her tithe and offering will be fruitful. Just pray to God to touch her heart. They are putting guilt on her, and yes her church should be helping her.

Allow her to live at your house but that is it, no money. Tithing is an Old Covenant law. Look at Malachi again. What nation? Is the Body of Christ a nation? If so can I move there? Malachi is speaking to the nation of Israel. There is no curse for not giving. Paul spoke of free will offerings. Read Acts The Church addressed this issue already. Tithing is of the Old Covenant. Some say Abraham tithed before the Law so that makes it for today. He did. One time. Only once. Guess what, we see circumcision and animal sacrifice before the Law.

Are they for us today too? It gets hard to give, especially when you feel like your back is up against the wall. I am going to trust God, and press my way in faith. I have been tithing all my life, until recently when I lost my job. Can someone please tell me what we need to skip paying in order to tithe. I believe in tithing. Do i have to downgrade our house and change school for my kids in order to spare some money to pay tithe?

Jesus does say that you should give what is in your heart to give. I am sorry that you are going through these tough times with a job loss. Are you connected to a local church. These are the times that those around you should be helping lift you up. Our church does this on a regular basis where we are giving to our church family in need. I pray that you can be surrounded by others that can help you through this tough situation. We never needed to worry about money before that but we havent stopped struggling since. We faithfully pay tithe and offering but last week I didnt pay tithe for the first time in 2 years.

Now this aticle suggests that we have just taken on too much! Which of these do I sacrifice? Do we eat less? Do we stop paying the ultilities? Do I stop buying the medicine my child needs to be well? The things we have are becoming less and less as we sell off anything we can to cover the cost of living. We dont go out for food or movies or anything type of entertainment we dont drink alcohol or smoke or anything like that.

We have the best deal we can get on the ultilities and we have one of the most economical cars. So what have I taken on that is too much… a child? I meal plan every week because I have to in order that we may eat 1 proper meal each day at dinner time. So why isnt God blessing us. Why arent we left with extra money at the end of every week?

Im sick of living this way struggling every week wondering where the money will come for this for braces for clothing fir dental work for anything and I am rapidly running out of belongings to sell. Cara, stop following the Mosaic Law, a covenant not made with you. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law. The Sabbath represents the rest we have in Jesus. There is no more required day to observe. Tithing is also a Mosaic Law command. Let go of this performance bondage keeping you down.

Find Grace, welcome to the New. God is a good Father not a harsh taskmaster. Great article. I saw some comments about tithing solely being under OT law. Jesus mentions money more than anything else other than the kingdom. If churches are demanding their people tithe, find a new church. Mike, great work! You and I live in a fallen World. I know of many who suffered lack giving and tithing. I have also travelled the globe. I have seen poverty like many never encounter. Yet in some places they are happier there then we are in America. You may have a great job where you afford to give.

So it is up to us to make wise choices? Seems like you preach a prosperity gospel…. I pray to God for forgiveness for not putting him first. I feel so bad. Lucille, Father God is for you not against you. As his wife and covenant partner, I am continuing to pray about how to move forward. I want the Word to be true in every area of my life including finances. Is this really wise advise? To tell someone who is in a financial crisis to keep giving away money?

People who lost their jobs in time of recession. Should they not eat? Not feed their kids? Not buy diapers? What kind of witness is it to see Christians who should walk in integrity, and represent honesty, be late on rent or mortgage payments? Should they not pay the light bill? Wonder if this guy would tell someone not to take their medicine and just have faith when the symptoms arise? Just have faith. Trust God. God is our healer and our provider. Knock the prosperity gospel crowd but go visit with some of them who are sincere Christians.

Most are, they just believe in seed faith giving. All of them Tithe and give way above ten percent. How many here have given cars away or houses? I know personally many Christians who gave entire paychecks away. Many of them gave to internationally known relief organizations and gave much to support missionaries overseas.

Is tithing realistic?

Now why did they have nothing? Where is the windows of heaven open? I am not talking about just trying this out. I am talking about people who lived this way for over 20 years! What about Christians in Africa or India or other nations? Why are they in lack? They give readily to others what they can. The Old has been made obsolete by the Finished Work. From Acts to Revelation show me a answer. So can you answer from the Epistles?

John- thank you for you comments. I can tell you that I have been blessed an so many ways and it is not all financially. Health, a home, kids a loving wife, good business.

Is It In The Bible? The Tithing Deception

If someone is giving or tithing just to get something in return, I believe their motivation is wrong. As mentioned in some of the other comments, Jesus did speak on being generous and this to people that were already commanded to give. I believe that people should be plugged into a good local church. If they are going through a hard time, the church should also be there to help them out. If there chruch is not there to do this, they might want to consider a new church. Jesus did not want us to do life alone and everyone should get plugged into a church or a small group where they can help each other during trying times.

You still not answering his comments about why the others that have tithes for so many years are broke…. Am a tithes…. You also are guilty of the same tactics the guys asking for planes use. Most all those who promote tithing say that people will be blessed abundantly when they give. No, they responded to the pitch you presented. Yes, for some people. Father sees a heart and not an amount. Using Scripture that was directed to Israel and not the Church, is poor exegesis. Under the New Covenant, Paul mentions free will giving. Again, a heart issue not an amount issue. Here is the truth, there exist no curse for not giving.

There is no required amount to give. God blesses us because He is good not because we are good and not because we paid our protection money. Get to know Jesus and His extravagant love for His Church. It will set you free. I began tithing and giving offerings 17 years ago and never stopped. I have gone through financial challenges while tithing. It takes trusting the Lord and perseverance. And for those who say that it does not apply to New Testament Believers, Jesus said to give to Ceaser what is his and to God what is His.

Tithing and giving offerings is all about trusting God for our provision! Amen Tim. God is amazing and can bless us beyond our understanding if we stay faithful. We have to be reminded though that our blessings come in many forms and not always financially. Thanks for sharing. Hi,i am wandering why i cant pay tithes this months. I am sorry that you are going through such a hard time.

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Are you connected to a local church family? Are they familiar with your struggles?

My Grandfather’s Testimony of Tithing

If you the place to lay your head are you gonna be able to live in the church your helping to pay the mortgage, light bill, etc, etc. We should strive to the, but if tithing means losing your home and living under a bridge in order to do so…. I know someone who goes to a Word of Faith, Prosperity Church teaching them that they will all become Millionaires for over 20 yrs this person been giving Tithes over and beyond most times. Is in deep debt cannot pay his bills , dont have money buy food or gas for work but is under the stronghold that if he dont pay Tithes and honor God something will happen.

Ignoring his debts because they Pastor preaches that your debts will be canceled. The Pastor testimony is he was a poor man and God made him a Millionaire. What do you say? Victoria, This is a very sad situation and also shows that we need to guard our hearts from wrong teaching as well. This is not the teaching of bible. I would encourage them to be praying and reading their bible as they will see that what is being taught is not biblical. I was going to church for 2 years without tithing due to being on a fixed income.

Tithing made simple

I would however donate whatever I could to charities monthly. Til I changed churches, our new pastor expressed how important it was to pay tithes so I tried it even if it meant getting in more debt. He would also say God loves a cheerful giver. It was for God. I gave my tithes cheerfully trusting in him. My electric bill got paid in cash by anonymous. I always thought paying tithes would set me further back but it didnt. And they usually have better finances. God is trying to teach us how to prosper over time. Remember, no one has ever become poor by giving.

But get this: Many people have observed that after they stopped tithing, their finances seemed to get worse. In Malachi —11, God says that if you tithe instead of keeping it for yourself, He will pour out blessing and rebuke your devourers. So keep tithing. That might mean cutting some fun money or increasing your income, but it can be done. Read the Bible and take from it what you will, but remember this: If you tithe, do it out of love for God, not out of guilt.

You were biblically obedient by giving your tithe to your church. Take the deduction. Think of what causes matter most to you, and align your support there. There are plenty of ministries and organizations that are doing great work and could benefit from a percentage of your income.

Honestly, whether you tithe from your gross pay or your take-home pay is entirely up to you. When things are going well and you find yourself with lots more income than you need, it can be easy to accidentally spend all that extra cash on yourself. But it should be a great opportunity to begin thinking about other ways to give above and beyond your tithe.

Divide that surplus among extra offerings, extra investing, and some fun money. It might help to specifically budget a certain amount each month for special giving opportunities above the tithe. Then look around you—ask friends if they know of anyone in need, and watch for opportunities to give that money away. Do you want a future where you can live and give like no one else? It starts with destroying debt and making a plan for your money! Back Home.