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Choosing not to answer, Brody scanned the edge of the cliff to his left. There were days he really missed the Marine Corps.

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Listening to us? A family. Obviously, it turned her on. The dirty illicitness of it. Of her role in it. It explained why she was putting on a show for a man twice her age, three times her weight, and with the morality of a shark. That the death threats could have come from the full spectrum of extremist groups, the product of a lifetime of double dealing and lying in the name of politics.

Instead, he looked back over the ocean. The dolphins, the moonlight. Bother him? She shrugged, her lips twisted in coy regret. The world issued an open invitation to humanity to fail itself. To be selfish and small. Mean, even evil at times. The senator and his lies were just another example in a long line. Roy is coming up on your six. You have a visitor at HQ. Suddenly he thought of Ed, sick and alone in that house.

Too stubborn to ask for help if he needed it. He and Sean should have gotten him a nurse. No one did. So not Ed.

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His diaphragm relaxed. Roy, a thick squat man Brody had worked with for years and managed to know nothing about, came up through the shadows. They nodded at each other and Brody slipped down the path through the ferns and wild banana trees to the guesthouse, where the team had set up headquarters. Tropical bugs hovered around the light of the guesthouse veranda.

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The intricate warning system of adrenaline, his gut and the hair on the back of his neck began to buzz. Something niggled in the back of his head. A memory. Brody cut through the bullshit. But it explained how he managed to find Brody. Harrison had all the right connections. The Montgomerys were a four generation political family out of Georgia. The Kennedys without the president, the assassinations, or the sex scandals.

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If Harrison wanted to find someone he had enough money and power to see it done. Interesting, Brody thought. But why me? But three weeks was a very very long time to be scared. The thought of Ashley held at gunpoint and mistreated rearranged him. Reduced him to some instinctual, animal level. Precocious and ludicrously optimistic. Her presence in a Somali village, surrounded by armed pirates, made about as much sense as that of a unicorn.

Cell phone reception on their end has been a problem but Umar has a satellite phone. And I need to keep this. Whatever emotional reaction thoughts of Ashley created in Brody, he managed to bury under logistics. Offshore accounts.

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The pirates have come a long way. He checked his watch. It was two a. Brody and the team were flying out of here with the senator at eight a.

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Umar will meet you and take you to Ashley. As well as a timeline, as complete as I could make it with the little bit of information I have. He had to finish the Rawlings job, as repugnant as it seemed. Bored, mostly. But he managed a nod. Try to get some sleep. But he stopped at the edge of shadow and looked over his shoulder at the golden Montgomery child.

It had been ten years. Ashley would be a woman.

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