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Ik vraag aan de Europese Raad en de Commissie politieke daadkracht. Het pakket lichter, doe het nu gewoon. Otra estrategia es aislar la extrema derecha, como ha ocurrido en Suecia. I apologise to everyone else who wanted to contribute to the debate, but time has run out. Just before you speak — Ms Gomes, indeed you were among the first, but I do apologise — I am under strict instruction. Frankly, if this were my decision — this is a really important debate — I would give it more time, but I am under pressure from what is already agreed by those who are above my pay grade.

We shall not spare any efforts. The Commission, and I personally, remain fully committed to continue working with you and the Council to achieve this very important goal: the reform of the European asylum system. I would like to thank you for this clear and loud support.

We will continue to work together intensively to achieve the completion of our comprehensive work. I have taken note of your remarks. One should never forget that, in the area of migration, all our actions are interconnected and all the pieces have to fit together. We all agree that cooperation with third countries is key, not only to prevent irregular departures to Europe, but also to eliminate once and for all the cruel businesses run by traffickers and smugglers.

Partnership and enhanced cooperation with African partner countries is at the heart of our work. It is also essential to ensure that all coastal states in the Mediterranean are able and ready to comply with their obligations under international law regarding search and rescue.

A crucial element, therefore, is also our work on return, both with countries of origin and within the European Union. Last but not least, we need to continue our actions to strengthen and better manage our common external borders. This is what our Member States have asked for, and we have delivered. That is why we also need to advance those proposals on which we are ready or almost ready.

We have to be ready for the future — an unpredictable future. We simply can no longer afford these types of unorganised ad hoc solutions. Now is the time to put words into action. Our citizens expect a lot from us, and they count on us. The Presidency is working with the Commission and Member States to find an arrangement that ensures predictability, in accordance with the international law of the sea concerning disembarkation, and enables efficient asylum and return procedures.

The Romanian Presidency will therefore take the work forward on this basis. Over the course of several presidencies, intensive efforts have been put into an attempt to find a solution acceptable for all. Different concepts were tested; however, it has not been possible to agree on a compromise.

As already explained, it has been clear that the agreement has to be built around the different aspects of the comprehensive approach, and this is the avenue that the Romanian Presidency intends to follow. As I said previously, we are working to find an arrangement that brings predictability, in accordance with the international law of the sea concerning disembarkation, and enables efficient asylum and return procedures. I welcome the solution found last week on the two NGO ships, with the support of the Commission in liaison with the Member States.

It is of the utmost importance that we succeed quickly, even if only with a temporary solution. The EU as a whole — not to mention the migrants themselves — does not deserve to see this situation remain unresolved. At the same time, we will continue working on reforming the common European asylum system that will bring about a permanent solution to address the situation in the future. I remain confident that, thanks to all of our efforts, we can make an important step forward toward these goals.

Written statements Rule Exigimos el cumplimiento por parte del Consejo de sus obligaciones y mandato derivados del Derecho europeo. Una soluzione dunque eccezionale. Confrontando i dati del con quelli del emerge una forte riduzione dei richiedenti asilo in prima istanza e un crollo degli arrivi. Dobbiamo arrivare il prima possibile ad una vera riforma del Regolamento di Dublino, unica strada per uscire dalla crisi attuale.

Valeram-nos as ONG que persistem em salvar vidas. O Parlamento fez o seu trabalho. It pains me to see the ineptness and rigidness of the current EU rules, when all we have been fighting for in the last few years was a European solution to the migration crisis. But it hurts much worse to see people deceivingly attacking my country, when Malta has done more than most EU countries have done in the last 10 years.

When, Malta has taken in, per capita, more than any other EU country. And when Malta has successfully helped to conclude the ad hoc agreement for the quick and safe relocation of the 49 migrants. We cannot expect that every time Salvini decides to blackmail the European Union and the Member States, then Malta will take the burden and the responsibility for the whole of the EU. But please, do not let people suffer any longer and provide us with a sustainable European solution to share the responsibility among all Member States.

Ze moeten de resultaten van het beleid aantonen. De budgetten voor migratie stijgen jaar na jaar. Enkel de hervestigingscijfers vallen tegen, maar daar is geen regering ooit over — of voor — gevallen. Allemaal prima. Alleen gaat het in ons leven in essentie niet over cijfers, of toch niet wezenlijk. Het geeft ons geen warm huis om naar terug te keren. We voelen ons niet veiliger op straat. Op het einde van de rit wordt onze baan niet beter beschermd. De migratiecrisis van vandaag is geen crisis van cijfers, maar een crisis van vertrouwen.

Geen voortgangsverslag, terugkeerakkoord of ontschepingscentrum dat dat oplost. Als het aan het Europees Parlement lag, dan kwam de commissaris vandaag vertellen dat het nooit meer zal gebeuren. Dat er een plan klaarligt dat ervoor zorgt dat een dorpje met inwoners nooit meer onbegeleide kinderen alleen zal moeten opvangen, omdat er 26 andere lidstaten klaar zullen staan. Prima di dare la parola al cancelliere Sebastian Kurz, voglio ringraziare la Presidenza austriaca per la fattiva collaborazione con il Parlamento europeo.

Ringrazio anche i rappresentanti del governo austriaco che hanno partecipato alle sedute di questo Parlamento e naturalmente anche la rappresentanza di Vienna a Bruxelles. Concludo il ringraziamento e do subito la parola al cancelliere Kurz. Dank des Einsatzes vieler im Parlament, im Rat und in der Kommission, vor allem aber auch, weil es bei allen Beteiligten den Willen zu Kompromissen gab. Nachdem jeder Vorsitz nur ein Glied in einer Kette ist, darf ich mich ganz herzlich auch bei unseren Trio-Partnern Estland und Bulgarien bedanken. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

Aufgrund des aktuellen Anlasses, aber vor allem auch aufgrund der Dimension, erlauben Sie mir vielleicht, mit dem Brexit und den damit verbundenen Herausforderungen zu beginnen. Zum ersten Bereich, zur Sicherheit und Migrationspolitik: Es ist uns hier trotz der Blockade in der Verteilungsfrage gelungen, einen Fortschritt bei der Zusammenarbeit mit Drittstaaten zu erzielen. Im Dezember sind Schlussfolgerungen des Rates zu diesem Themenbereich angenommen worden.

It is very important for this Parliament to defend freedom of religion and dialogue between religions. Thank you very much for your work in this direction. We will in this Parliament commemorate the Holocaust in the coming days. Es ergibt wenig Sinn, dass ich hier wiederhole, was der Bundeskanzler vorgetragen hat.

Ich habe das nicht verstanden, ich kann es bis heute nicht nachvollziehen, wieso das passieren konnte. Das war kein einfacher Job. Alle verlangen von uns, dass wir mehr in Sachen Grenzschutz tun. Wir tun etwas, wir schlagen gemeinsam mit dem Bundeskanzler etwas vor, und jetzt finden Absetzbewegungen statt.

Ich kann das nur brandmarken. Auch die Arbeitnehmer haben Recht auf Schutz. Vielen Dank und servus. Es ist schade, dass das so ist. Das ist beachtlich. Deswegen: Gratulation dazu! Diese Schwerpunktsetzung hat Europa gutgetan. Die Grundbotschaft dahinter ist: Nie wieder! Es wurde enorm viel erreicht. Gratulation dazu! But we can see that the Austrian Presidency was delivering more of another kind of Europe: a Europe of fears, retrenchment and a certain kind of selfishness. We regret this, because we need a strong Europe with strong ambition — so strong and so ambitious that we can provide the necessary solidarity.

This started with the refugee drama. We could have delivered quick, swift operations of rescuing and providing asylum. But we were confronted with several dramatic scenes in the Mediterranean, and we deplored this. Europe needs to define a fully-fledged migration policy to ensure the orderly, organised management of migration — because we do need migration.

Instead, we were blocking some of the key pieces of this migration policy. Then we had the episode of the Global Compact for Migration, which we very much deplore. This was endorsed by most of the countries in the world, and we saw in Marrakesh some of the Member States of the European Union not endorsing it, led by the Austrian Government — something we again deplore and something we just cannot understand.

But this lack of ambition and solidarity also has connected with our citizens. Let us take the European Social Pillar — the biggest initiative we have. The Austrian Presidency could have delivered more quickly on the full package of directives and regulations which are necessary to implement the social pillar. We could not understand how it was even possible for the Austrian Presidency to postpone a meeting of the Council of Ministers. We are in a hurry, Chancellor, to implement this pillar in order to turn this into reality.

And then we have the important negotiations on the multiannual budget. Yes, this is necessary to meet the new challenges in Europe and also to keep a strong commitment to cohesion. We were really disappointed that, in the last European Council, it was decided that the final agreement should take place only in autumn. This is too late. A lot of regions will suffer from this.

Then we had another opportunity on eurozone reform — something on which we have been waiting for years and years. The solutions are on the table. We might be close to an agreement enabling us to complete the banking union and to create the budget for the eurozone, something all monetary zones in the world have — they have a budget. But again, the Austrian Presidency was hesitating over this. This is a crucial piece to reset cohesion inside the eurozone and to overcome the divergences we have in this important area of European construction.

Then tax fairness. Yes, we do need a new digital tax and we need to deliver this in a much quicker way. I must tell you, Chancellor, that from our viewpoint, the Austrian Presidency missed some key opportunities to deliver a stronger Europe, which we need in this particular occasion, because we are confronted with a new movement of ideas, calling for retrenchment, selfishness, a far right movement.

In the face of this, we basically have a choice: either we make an alliance with them and make concessions to them, or we present a real fully-fledged alternative — a strong Europe, ambitious and able to provide solidarity. So this is the way to go for us Social Democrats, and we really think that we need to move to a new phase where this new kind of leadership emerges in Europe. So these are our remarks, Chancellor. Let me do just a little cherry picking to pick up just a few of them. I will start of course with migration and security. I have to tell you that it was really refreshing to see a slightly different point of view from the Presidency and the Chancellery than we have heard many times before.

You indicated very clearly what many other politicians were hesitant to say, namely that Europe is neither ready nor willing to accept continuous waves of migrants, as it would have an impact on both our security and the internal coherence of our societies. You also came forward with proposals and solutions. I can assure you your message was heard and appreciated, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe and in the V4 countries. Again it was proven how important it is to find a consensus between the Member States instead of arbitrary solutions, like the very unfortunate relocation scheme pursued by the Commission, which unfortunately caused one of the most serious clashes yet between East and West and between new and old EU Member States.

I hope that is definitely off the table. You also made it one of your priorities to ensure the prosperity and competitiveness of the European economy, especially through digitalisation and innovation, and you were right. While we have a well—established and functioning start-up culture, the biggest players often come from outside the European Union.

We need to do more for start-ups and for small and medium-sized enterprises. In this respect, we need to remove trade barriers. I would also like to congratulate you on the swift ratification of the Free Trade Agreement with Japan, which happened during your Presidency. I hope that other similar treaties still in the pipeline — most notably with Singapore and Vietnam — will follow soon. Last but not least, the Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations continued under your Presidency. They are not over yet, and that is good news, because this Parliament and this Commission are finishing their mandate, and therefore they should not decide on behalf of the Member States or Commissioners of the next term.

External relations were also a big burden for you. I will not go further into that, but I will end by stating that the Austrian Presidency was pragmatic, non-ideological and not a Presidency of big slogans, but rather of achievable results. This is good news. It was good to see common sense once again prevailing in most of your endeavours, because common sense is exactly what my own group is trying to pursue in this Parliament.

So I will spare you by only saying that I think that that was an efficient Presidency and Austria did deliver as a Presidency on its intentions. But I rather look at always every six-months period of time, not as a Presidency issue but how did the European Union really do, and how have we advanced, regardless of the Presidency?

And I think that this needs to be said. This is still a European Union of 28 — maybe tomorrow 27 — Member States where the Presidency has a key role to play, but obviously it cannot perform miracles, but it can help a great deal. But if you speak of the number of trilogues, I agree with you: I think this is again a sign of an efficient Austrian Presidency. Together with the rapporteur Angelika Niebler, we dealt with cyber security. I think the result is not bad at all. We still look at cyber security as an issue where we tack between those who would like to prevail in terms of competences and the rest, and we are as strong or as weak as the weakest part of the chain of the European Union.

So that is just one example where I would like to say the numbers matter and you have been efficient, but it also matters what kind of legislation we are able to enact, how the Member States are ready and, of course, how we manage to strike compromises with real ambition. And the answer is clear: I still would go to Silicon Valley. Let me just focus on two or three issues where I think we could have done better, for sure, and maybe that history will show also the Presidency.

One is on internal security. And we are not facing today a crisis, we are facing a problem, and the moment the crisis would come, we could have significant difficulties on the budget. And I think that again, there is enormous progress — you have ticked all the boxes; the question is: how well were these boxes filled? No, I think we have been elected or appointed for the whole term. I think that this is not realistic. But anyway, at the very end, I think with those remarks I think that you have done a very good job, but we as the European Union are not yet doing the job that our citizens really expect us to do, and we do fail on some issues.

Viele Gesetzgesetzgebungsvorhaben sind nicht vorangekommen, sind im Rat stecken geblieben. Endlich haben wir eine Anstrengung von so vielen Staaten dieser Welt, um das Thema anzugehen. Sie hat pragmatisch und korrekt und kooperativ gearbeitet, aber sie hat die Zentralisierung nicht vorangetrieben.

Es bleibt mir nicht mehr viel zu sagen. Das bedeutet, dass es durchaus legitim ist, in Sachfragen unterschiedlicher Meinung zu sein, auch zwischen den Fraktionen unterschiedliche Positionen zu vertreten. Barbara Kappel ENF , schriftlich. Signori deputati, gentili ospiti, oggi celebriamo l'anniversario dei vent'anni della nostra moneta. Secondo l'ultimo sondaggio di Eurobarometro, tre europei su quattro danno un giudizio positivo sulla moneta unica.

Tuttavia, la crisi ha anche evidenziato il mancato completamento dell'edificio dell'euro ed alcuni errori compiuti nella gestione del problema dei debiti sovrani. Non possiamo rimanere in mezzo al guado, dove rischiamo di essere travolti da una nuova crisi. Je vous en prie. I have the memory of my predecessor, Wim Duisenberg, who was there at the very start of the euro. I also have the memory of all the presentations before the European Parliament from to There have always been, as there are today, challenging — not to say very challenging — times for Europe.

From that standpoint, I would like to stress four successes of the euro. First, it is a success in terms of currency credibility and stability. The ECB was given the primary mandate of price stability by the open democracies. The domestic stability of the euro is echoed by its international credibility. The euro is the second international currency after the dollar, far above the third, the yen. Second, the euro and the euro area have proved to be remarkably resilient in the face of the worst financial and economic crisis since World War II.

At the inception of the euro, a significant global analysis suggested that the single currency would be short—lived as an audacious experience deserving respect for its boldness but incapable of sustaining the difficulty of hard times. Regarding the fourth success of the euro, I would refer to the last IMF Data Mapper, which suggests that there is no significant difference between per capita growth in the euro area and in the US. The same is demonstrated by the World Bank data: approximately the same growth per capita in the US and in Europe since the setting-up of the euro in I also think that the euro, as I said, is a process, not an event.

One should not underestimate the decisions made since its inception, the reinforcement of the Stability and Growth Pact, the ratification of the Fiscal Stability Treaty, the setting-up of the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure, the ratification of the European Stability Mechanism Treaty, and last, but not least, banking union. During the whole of my term, I can testify that, in my hearings before the European Parliament, I benefited from the strongest and most important moral support when we had to preserve price stability and engage at the same time on very bold non-conventional measures, including the purchase of treasury bonds from a number of countries in and before the decision taken by the ECB under the chairmanship of Mario.

The twin messages that I received from the European Parliament were: be faithful to your mandate and deliver price stability; be innovative and bold enough, when necessary, to be commensurate with your responsibilities in times of exceptional crisis. Expressing my gratitude to the European Parliament, I cannot help but mentioning that I looked at the Eurobarometer and I could see that the trust in the European Parliament bestowed on it by the fellow citizens is important, superior of course to the non-trust fellow citizen, and it is better result than what we see for the national parliaments.

I mention that very cautiously en passant. Jean Monnet once wrote:. The euro is the most tangible representation of European integration that our citizens encounter on a daily basis. It is fitting, then, to celebrate this anniversary here with the directly elected representatives of all our citizens. Over the years here, elected representatives and leaders and elected representatives in other parliaments have rightly recognised that ensuring economic prosperity and stability over the long term is a shared challenge that is best faced collectively. We are stronger together.

With the Single Market, we have a powerful engine of sustainable growth to underpin our living standards. The euro has safeguarded the integrity of the Single Market. Today, our economies are integrated to a point that was not imaginable when the euro was designed. The euro has also produced two decades of price stability, including in countries where this was a long-lost memory.

Based on such confidence, firms invest and create new jobs. Today, most challenges are global and can only be addressed together. It is precisely in this sense that the single currency has given to all members of the euro area their monetary policy sovereignty, compared with the pre—existing monetary arrangements.

It is together that we have a voice — and we had a voice — in the regulation of international financial markets, a voice which has been fundamental in reshaping the world financial regulation after the great financial crisis. Partly, this is because reforms at national level are necessary — and by the way, they would be so under any monetary system — to produce sustainable growth; partly, it is because the Economic and Monetary Union EMU remains incomplete.

Great progress has been achieved since the crisis struck, but more work still needs to be done; and there is no alternative to a future where we will all continue to work together to make our Economic and Monetary Union an even stronger engine of prosperity for all its Member States. The European Parliament has had and will have a fundamental role in guiding and designing our European future.

In the past, together with the EU leaders, the European Parliament took the fundamental decisions to create the Single Market, and in its wake, the euro. Today, we are all reaping the benefits of their commitment, of your commitment, and we want future generations of Europeans to benefit similarly from our commitment as well. Today, our duty is to complete what was started two decades ago.

Il y a des faiblesses. Bleiben wir bitte ihrem Erbe treu! The euro is one of the greatest achievements in the history of European integration. Our single currency provides a solid anchor for the creation of jobs and growth across Europe. The euro has become a symbol of the European identity. It became a popular idea among million people in 19 euro-area countries as it enjoys greater support today than ever before.

Many predicted a spectacular failure of the euro, but we proved them wrong. Not all of the past 20 years have indeed been easy. The financial and sovereign debt crises have put the single currency to the test. Shortcomings in the architecture of the Economic and Monetary Union came to the surface. The establishment of the European Stability Mechanism and the banking union has strengthened economic policy coordination, which illustrates precisely this point. Today the euro area is enjoying a broad-based economic expansion, which started in The outlook is positive.

Despite some loss of momentum and some downside risks that have been accumulating. Steady job creation has allowed increasingly more people to benefit from this expansion. The health of public finances and of the banking sector has also been improving. Much has been achieved during these 20 years.

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Nevertheless, more is needed to ensure that the euro area is well equipped to handle future crises. The Eurogroup has been doing its part. Its work paved the way for an agreement at the December Euro Summit on strengthening our single currency. This was the single biggest reform of the euro performed outside the crisis context. The agreement will allow for a more effective and broader use of the European Stability Mechanism and make our system of bank resolution more credible. Importantly, leaders also agreed to establish a euro area budgetary instrument for convergence and competitiveness.

I believe this project can, in time, go a long way towards making the euro stable and inclusive. The work on this file is our priority in the months ahead, but the Eurogroup will continue working on other important issues, such as the European Deposit Insurance Scheme and liquidity in resolution. Step by step, we are increasing the resilience and the smooth functioning of the currency union.

Euro area countries and their citizens will thus be in a better position to reap the benefits of the single currency for the next 20 years and beyond. We cannot repeat it often enough that the euro is not — and never was — an end in itself. It is a tool, intended to increase the prosperity of the peoples of Europe. It is our responsibility to ensure that it lives up to its promise, and even more so in these uncertain times. It is our task to generate a more prosperous society, a more inclusive society, a society with less inequality within each Member State and between our Member States. Thank you for your attention.

Since its design, the euro has been a powerful economic tool and an ambitious political project. First, the single currency is an indispensable complement to the Single Market, which has made possible its deepening and has boosted the integration of value chains and the strength of our economies. Second, as President Draghi has just recalled, the euro is a prerequisite for preserving and recovering shared monetary sovereignty, after the crisis of the Bretton Woods order and the development of globalisation, and this is particularly true for the more vulnerable Member States.

Third, the euro is a cornerstone of a peaceful and closer union and a global actor after the end of the Cold War and German unification. In other words, a strong euro is a fundamental condition for protecting and relaunching the European economic, social and political model, faced with the transformations of our time. Ten years ago, when we were celebrating the euro in this House, the financial crisis was about to shake its foundations.

That crisis has provided us with two lessons. The first is that, despite being incomplete, the strength and resilience of the euro are rooted in the common political determination to preserve its integrity. Here, the resolve of the European Central Bank and of its presidents has been decisive, and the euro has protected the people during the crisis.

We should, of course, be able to distinguish between the euro and the economic policies conducted during the crisis, including some economic policy mistakes which were made at that time. The second lesson is that, if we want to achieve our ambitious goals, resilience is not enough. We need to complement our common currency with a robust, democratic economic and social union. Let us not wait until another crisis happens to develop the necessary tools to ensure stability and common prosperity for all our citizens.

The euro is a journey, and it is time to move forward. I am sure that this and the next Parliament will fully play their part. Un ricordo, e voglio anche dirgli, caro Erminio, tu muori ma le nostre idee non muoiono. Bruno Gollnisch NI. She was arrested one year ago for condemning Turkish invasion of Afrin. For the results and other details of the vote: see Minutes. Andreas Schwab, deputising for the rapporteur. The request to refer the report back to committee was approved.

Maria Grapini, raportor. Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Mill Brook in Bedfordshire, in my constituency. They have invested in 5G mobile test infrastructure to supercharge the development of connected and autonomous vehicles. The vision for the technological future is one where we all sit back and relax in cars that drive us safely and efficiently to our destinations. No collisions, no traffic jams. To become a reality, of course, there will need to be car-to-car and car-to-everything-around-them communications and crucially, all cars really need to be speaking the same language.

So, if industry-wide standards cannot be agreed by industry then the EU must step in. I therefore particularly welcome the call on the Commission to propose a regulatory framework to promote V2X connectivity for highly and fully automated vehicles. Morten Messerschmidt ECR. The three pillars of work needing to happen around the legal framework are the financial support for developing technologies and the socio-economic implications of driverless.

The arguments around liability are now familiar and the ability to adapt technologies to local driving cultures are entirely feasible. The clear desire on the part of technology firms like Google, Uber and Amazon to dispense with those inconvenient and unpredictable human beings has social implications that are both wide and deep.

However, there is a fourth pillar, and that is public acceptance of autonomous vehicles. The traveling public is perfectly willing to accept the notion of autonomous vehicles with a human safety override on passenger aircraft as a matter of routine, but the car is a symbol of personal freedom and status, and it is powerful and it is cherished.

So politicians are sooner or later going to have to answer the question: in the future will I still be able to drive my own car wherever I want to drive it? Adam Szejnfeld PPE. Deirdre Clune PPE. Safety and privacy of data is one of them and, of course, safety of individuals. The technical standards of vehicles and infrastructure need to be addressed. We need responsibilities of the operators to come into play. Who is liable and what are the ethical questions around it? Daniel Hannan ECR. Now, as autonomous vehicles become a reality, an awful lot of jobs are going to be lost in that sector, and of course that has led to some concerns in this House, which we have heard.

Where, after all, if we look around today are all the unemployed ex-video rental employees or secretaries or archivists or travel agents? Technology is constantly changing the way we work, and yet more people in most of our countries are in employment than at any time in our history.

Look around; look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. The use of drones for the transport of goods and automated light rail systems for public transport are already a possibility, and entry into the European market of passenger cars with automated driving functions is imminent. Therefore, we need to get ready, and we also need to do a lot more research. I look forward to that being done, especially in the next Horizon programme. Therefore it is a technology that is going to move us forward and we better move quickly. For intet er sket. Od dekad tworzymy jednolity rynek zjednoczonej Europy.

Men nej. Det er pinligt. Urszula Krupa ECR. If gender equality does not exist within our own institution, how can we possibly ensure gender equality in the broader society? I certainly welcome achievements made over the past two years as outlined in this report, and I believe now — before the European elections — is the perfect time to look at where we can improve into the next mandate.

One of the most notable actions taken by Parliament recently was to introduce a training programme specifically for MEPs on these issues. I personally completed the training and I found it very worthwhile. I think this training is extremely important and I would urge all colleagues to attend. It certainly brought out for me the need to ensure that gender equality is always at the forefront in all we do in the European Parliament.

Niestety tak nie jest. Marek Jurek ECR. To symplicyzm. To populistyczna teza. To po prostu nieprawda. Yet, we are living in a society blighted by period poverty and period stigma. Plan International UK found that one in ten young women were unable to afford tampons and pads, leading to some girls missing out on school. Just as it is for loo roll in toilets, so let it be for pads and tampons, too. No i co z tego? Andrus Ansip, Vice-President of the Commission. Romania, just like my own country, Estonia, and many others in Europe, celebrated its th anniversary last year.

It was a time for us all to remember the past, but also to look at how far we have come in that time, and Romania has come a long way. It is now in its rightful place at the heart of Europe, and there is no better symbol of that progress than this Presidency because, over the next six months, Romania will lead the Council of Ministers through a momentous time for our Union. I was in Bucharest last week, along with all my colleagues from the Commission, to see first-hand the good level of preparations, as well as the enthusiasm for the task ahead.

But with a Presidency always comes responsibility, even more so during periods of change and campaigns. As President Juncker has said many times, the Commission is at your disposal and is ready to support you every step of the way. We will work hand in hand with all of the institutions and parties involved to make sure that the next six months are productive, successful and a further factor of unity and solidarity. But, just as you can count on us, we also count on you.

We count on your leadership and stability, and we count on your ability to build bridges and build consensus both in Europe and at home. I say that because any successful Presidency depends, first and foremost, on national unity and political consensus. A united front at home will help a united Europe move forward.

Romania knows the power of unity better than most. When preparing to enter the Union, the whole country worked in unison to make sure that it fulfilled all of its accession criteria. This was not a box-ticking exercise. It was the result of a country pulling together, uniting behind the goal of consolidating its young democracy in a union of solidarity and common values. These values — freedom, democracy and the rule of law — are what the country fought for, and these are the values that can never be compromised or weakened anywhere in Europe.

We must all show that in the next six months and beyond. I started by saying that with the Presidency comes the responsibility to deliver for all Europeans. It will be harder than usual: there are proposals presented by the Commission that still need to be agreed by the co-legislators, and there will only be a short period of time to get as many as possible of them over the line before this House rises on 18 April for the start of the election campaign.

Many of these proposals go right to the heart of what matters, from Brexit preparedness to migration and asylum rules. In my area, the digital single market, seven of the 30 proposals we have made still need to be agreed. These cover issues that make a real difference in the lives of Europeans. It is about making it easier to buy and sell online across borders, about ensuring that we have rights to ePrivacy and can protect ourselves from cyber-attacks, and about having corporate rules fit for the 21st century.

The stakes are high in the digital world and across the world. This is particularly true when it comes to making real progress on the next long—term budget for the European Union. This is not about numbers or decimal points. It is about deciding what kind of Union we want tomorrow. It is our future in figures. The debate on the budget is about showing Europeans that our Union is ready to take its destiny into its own hands. When leaders meet in Sibiu on 9 May, we should show Europeans a perspective for the future of a stronger, more united and more sovereign Union.

There would be no better message to Europeans going to the polls just a few weeks later. I think, in particular, of those who will be voting for the first time. Whether they be in the East or the West, the North or the South, these young people have a lot in common. They are looking for hope, for a brighter more certain future for themselves, and they are looking for a union that breathes with both of its lungs — East and West — and unites people from different parts of Europe.

We must reach out to them and show them that their Union will deliver for them. That is the task ahead of this Romanian Presidency and we are all behind you to make it happen. Congratulations on the start of this first Romanian Presidency. We honour a lot your personal commitment to the European Union. As a former colleague, we experienced you as a very committed European and we see a basis for a very, very good collaboration with this Presidency, given the tasks you mentioned ahead of us and given the serious situation in many, many policy areas.

I listened to your speech with interest and yes, you are right, social cohesion, regional cohesion, is a decisive, crosscutting issue, and your idea of organising a new mode of European convergence is very much at the core of what we have to talk about. The last hours of this day demonstrate how serious the situation is in London and how much work has to be done, whatever the decision is going to be tonight.

The international financial markets, the tax questions — all of that we have to tackle, we have to re-fix, and the migration question is one of the most important ones. Here, let me praise you, let me honour you, because you decided in the Christmas period to join the camp of those who would like to help in the Mediterranean, to help to save lives and not to turn a blind eye on what is going to happen or join the club of those who only celebrate their ignorance.

Ja, es gibt Dinge, die uns Sorgen machen. Davon raten wir Ihnen heftig ab, das ist keine Grundlage. Und Europa wird mit Ihnen sein, wenn Sie das tun. Das ist der falsche Umgang mit der politischen Diskussion in Europa. Zes maanden is een korte periode om te debatteren en te onderhandelen. Het zal er dus op aankomen om de neuzen in dezelfde richting te krijgen, tezamen met de twee toekomstige voorzitters. Voor het Roemeense voorzitterschap is Europese uitbreiding alvast prioriteit. Voor het eerst sinds vele jaren spreekt de Unie sinds opnieuw de ambitie uit om uit te breiden. Als ze de nodige hervormingen doorvoeren, mogen zes landen uit de Westelijke Balkan erbij tegen Maar het beste stelt de EU eerst intern orde op zaken.

Ik verwijs niet in de laatste plaats naar brexit en de groeiende onvrede bij Europese burgers over het gevoerde migratiebeleid van open grenzen. Voor ons heeft de aanpak van de illegale migratie inderdaad prioriteit. Ik bepleit een omschakeling naar het Australische model, om illegale binnenkomsten te ontmoedigen. Ik hoop dat u het daarmee eens bent en dat het zijn weerslag zal vinden in onderhandelingen over het EU-asielacquis. There is a lot on your plate. I was in Bucharest together with a number of colleagues here.

I have to tell you, there are many things in the European Union that are a question of subsidiarity, but that is certainly not true for the rule of law. That is not subsidiarity in the European Union. Moreover, he agreed with me that the Venice Commission would have a second opinion once the change is made to these proposals. These proposals — on the restoring of the independence of the judiciary, on the repairing of the Criminal Code, on the repairing of the Criminal Procedural Code and on the changing of NGO law — will be sent back to the Venice Commission.

I have to tell you, very honestly, that since we met each other, with Mr Bullmann and others in Bucharest, not one of these promises has been kept. I ask you, is the following true? I read in the press that you have a plan to approve a law to grant amnesty on corruption, so that means putting the big fish out of reach of the courts. So let me tell you one simple thing in this debate: if this were to be confirmed, my Group in any case, and the whole liberal family, will not go into elections with such partners.

We want to side with all new clean and democratic forces who want to stop corruption, clean up the country and are also anti abuse of power by the old secret service. That is not criticism of your country or of Romanian citizens. It is criticism of a number of practices of your political majority for the moment, and I think I can be critical of these practices as I am an honorary citizen of the Romanian Republic.

I was bestowed that honour in after I defended in the European Council — and nobody asked me to do so — the interests of Romania in the Treaty of Nice. The other Member States had the beautiful idea of lowering the voting rights of Romania because it is only an Eastern European country, which which was pure discrimination towards them. Finally, we succeeded in obtaining the right thing for the Romanian Republic, the same voting rights as the other Member States.

Pick up this fight. Be the real Prime Minister of your country. Clean up the mess of the past and do that without compromising with the corrupt forces of the present. A Presidency is always a time for a country to shine, to show off its skills in diplomacy, its skill in finding compromises, achieving progress, impressing everyone with the opportunities and skills that you have as a government and as a country. The Presidency is a vital job in our institutional relations and for moving Europe forward. However, a Presidency is also always a time when a country is put into the limelight, and what we discover there when looking at the Romanian Government gives us reasons for concern.

Romania has a long tradition of fighting for freedom and for civil liberties, and the people of Romania overthrew a dictatorship after enduring it for 42 years. Romania has joined the European Union and has made important progress, especially against the evil of corruption. Those are achievements that the people of Romania can be proud of; we all should be very proud of those achievements. The government is even planning to reduce the rights to protest against that law change or others. A Presidency must lead by good example and with credibility. You still have time to become that good example that we need in Europe, but the clock is certainly ticking.

The half year of your Presidency will be quite eventful. We have Brexit coming up — or not — and the EU elections, of course. However, for the summit to be really helpful, it also needs to include some of the most burning issues that we have in Europe, that we need to solve.

For example, how are we going to stop climate change? How are we going to manage the transition to a carbon—free economy? How do we make social rights for people a reality rather than just nice words? How will the EU respond to the backlash against the rule of law in several Member States? We wish you a lot of success with all those things on your plate and we hope to be positively surprised. Europa turi keistis.

Wir werden sehen. Al doilea subiect foarte important: vorbesc de coeziune. I jeste li vi stali u obranu vladavine prava? So this will be a very important presidency, and let me focus particularly on the Sibiu summit, because the Sibiu summit is our last opportunity to project another kind of Europe for all citizens across Europe before the European elections.

We think that you are coming up with the right priorities. In order to have strong unity among Europeans cohesion is certainly the key word — as you said: economic, social, political cohesion. We are with you in this central priority and you can turn this into something very concrete. The first thing is a social pillar translated into European law and powerful European financial instruments. The second thing is a pre-agreement on the multiannual budget, on which cohesion is a central concern, both for all EU Member States and the eurozone.

Then there is a third very important issue: yes Europe is counting on the European border, hopefully with Romania already included in the Schengen area. The fourth one is better partnerships with all our neighbouring regions, including our course Eastern partners, which are very dear to us. And then if we manage all these issues it will be easier to manage migration properly. Finally, if we have this kind of Europe we will have unity whatever happens with Brexit. So this is a very important historical task, but also an opportunity. Nirj Deva ECR. Two years ago, we thought Brexit would be a piece of cake.

Today it is a hot potato, and not a bed of roses for Prime Minister Theresa May, who, with amazing bottle has taken the bit between her teeth and is going the whole hog. In the House of Commons, it is going down like a lead balloon tonight, but the Prime Minister is not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, nor changing her horses midstream. She knows it is a can of worms, but is determined to get the best for Britain, warts and all. Tonight she is between a rock and a very hard place. We wait with bated breath on a wing and a prayer for some success.

Lequel a la parole? And I would like to say that you and your government need to fight corruption, as we require from any other government. Pardoning corrupt politicians because you say that the prisons are overcrowded is not acceptable in the European Union. Fighting those who are fighting corruption is not acceptable. Decriminalising corruption or giving amnesty to corruption for safeguarding your own is not acceptable.

I heard that Udo Bullmann, the leader of the Socialist Group, defended you. I must say that was a disgrace for the Socialist Group. It devalued him. And you need to take on the responsibility of safeguarding Romania, because we believe it is a fantastic thing that you are having the Presidency. The speaker agreed to take a blue-card question under Rule 8.

You and the Socialists here should be just as strict towards Romania as we shall be towards Hungary and Poland, because misuse of power is always misuse of power. You will fight it and we shall fight it. Ali bo socialna ali pa je ne bo. Ali bosta stabilnost ali mir ali pa bo nad demokracijo zmagala avtoritarnost. Nu este complicat. Jedes halbe Jahr wechselt der Vorsitz im Rat. Darin liegt freilich auch eine Chance. Io vorrei intervenire su quella della convergenza territoriale.

Credo che nessun territorio, come anche Lei ha ricordato, debba essere lasciato indietro. Io credo che sarebbe molto importante per la vostra Presidenza. Il mio gruppo insiste particolarmente sulla child guarantee. L'imminenza delle elezioni europee lascia pochissimo tempo alla Presidenza rumena per terminare un lavoro legislativo importante insieme al Parlamento.

E infine, a questo proposito, io vorrei soffermarmi su un tema, il regolamento sulla sorveglianza di mercato, che io mi auguro, assieme alla Presidenza rumena, di poter terminare nella negoziazione nelle prossime settimane. Io credo sia necessario assicurare ai cittadini europei che vi siano prodotti in circolazione sicuri e conformi alla legge, anche e soprattutto quelli venduti online.

Ce se poate face? Cum se poate face? One of the most important for us is the cohesion that you talked about, and it is extremely important not only when it comes to the economic differences between people, as you said, but also among their access to their rights as European citizens.

The social and regional cohesion that you are talking about is therefore extremely important, and we will be looking to you over the next six months, because we believe that you have a great experience on these topics. You are home to some of the poorest citizens of the European Union and you are trying hard to change their situation.

I understand why he said what he said. Your Presidency should really send a message out to Europe that million poor people who are living in Europe need to be lifted out of poverty in the next few years. I hope that your Presidency will push this dossier very heavily.

Thank you for your future work on this. Andrus Ansip, Vice—President of the Commission. As we know, during the Romanian Presidency there will be Brexit, there will be elections to the European Parliament and there will be ongoing negotiations on the next multiannual financial perspective. At the same time, we have to conclude negotiations on different proposals. I wish every success to the Romanian EU Presidency. Am crescut nivelul de trai.

Am crescut salariile. Am crescut pensiile. Am crescut salariile medicilor. Am crescut salariile cadrelor didactice. Dichiarazioni scritte articolo Gabriel Mato, ponente. Como siempre, es un placer tenerle en esta casa. Pero no todo es positivo. Establishing a single currency area between 11 European countries was a historic step for our continent and certainly a quantum leap in our economic integration. Its twentieth anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on its successes, but also to consider what still needs to be done for the euro to deliver its full benefits. I will mostly focus on the past seven years, which coincide with my term as ECB President.

The two decades in which the euro has existed could hardly have been more different. The second decade then produced the worst economic and financial crisis since the Great Depression. Naturally, these periods required very different monetary policy responses and different tools to implement them. As the pre—crisis period was characterised by moderate swings in the economic cycle, the ECB was able to ensure price stability mainly by adjusting its policy rates.

But the crisis of fundamentally changed the economic and financial landscape in which we operated. New instruments became essential to safeguard the effectiveness of our monetary policy and stabilise the euro area economy. Johann Christmas Market. The St.

Guided hikes in Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg and Westendorf

Johann Christmas Market takes place from noon until 5pm on the main square in the heart of the village centre. Set under the fantastic Christmas lights, the market will feature a wide range of festive and unusual stalls designed to whet the appetite of all age groups that attend. Many of the traders will be selling bespoke products so the opportunity for unique gifts is available. A host of entertainment will be taking place throughout the event to ensure that everyone is in the festive spirit!

Get well and truly into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the atmosphere of the market with open fires and hot mulled wine. Kirchberg, With international skistars. Sunday, The biggest cross country event in Austria. For further informations in english please see www. In addition, the Ski instructors of Kirchberg ski school will put on a breathtaking skishow. The show starts at 8. The highlight this year is the appearance of the band, "folkshilfe". The band from Linz will play between 5pm and 6pm, ensuring a great atmosphere. The well-known Dutch band has a special connection with Kirchberg and Aschau.

The first "band holiday" was in Aschau, and they continue to come to the beautiful region often. Spring concert. Stoabergmarsch - the hours-hiking-tour between Tirol and Salzburg. Lofer, In June, traveling fans can expect a special hike tour: A hour hike though with some rest, but without sleep. Information on participation and route on www. Programme: Friday, The shuttle departs every 30 minutes: Friday: starting from 5.

Trampolissimo: Schreibwerkstatt. Ein literarischer Workshop mit der Autorin Elisabeth R. August jeweils von bis Uhr Lesung: Mittwoch, 7. Auch im Schreib-Workshop mit der St. Johanner Autorin Elisabeth R. Hager geht es heuer um das Thema Natur. Sind wir Natur? Was haben wir ihnen angetan? Trampolissimo: Break Dance und Hip Hop. August bis Freitag, 9. August Kinder von 6 bis 10 Jahren: jeweils von bis Uhr Kinder und Teenager von 11 bis 16 Jahren: jeweils von bis Uhr Tanzperformance: Freitag, 9. KAT Miles - running event. In August , a unique running event will take place in the PillerseeTal - Austria's longest Ultra Trail with miles!

The route will lead through the three regions PillerseeTal, St. There are four routes to choose from: elite miles , athlete marathon , amateur athlete speed trail and Ekiden Trail. All information on www. The main focus is on the social gathering of the societies. Friday, 24th January a.

Traffic holdups may delay your arrival. From the free car parks in Kirchberg and Oberndorf you reach the race area directly by the free shuttle trains. More informations you will find here www. As well as the spectacular sporting performances of the skiers, there will of course be a varied programme of entertainment and events for everybody to enjoy - without question a round the clock party! LLuge Natural Track Championships. From 7 - 9 February , Hopfgarten will host the luge natural track championships.

Athletes as well as spectators can look forward to an exciting competition. Programme Friday 07 Feb - start hrs Saturday 08 Feb -. Also the cult event SHRED DOWN will be presented in its new edition in new clothes: instead of the traditional slopestyle competition, an open banked slalom a kind of super cross race takes place, with which everyone can participate. The popular fun-contest format is intended to put the fun of sports back into the limelight.

A fun, action-packed and musical weekend awaits the participants, spectators and the whole family. Traditional Costumes Societies Convention. The main focus is on the social gathering of the traditional Costumes Societies. The major highlight will be the performances of all the "Volkstanzgruppen" with a big party at the village square.

On Saturday a live concert of the band "voXXclub" takes place. Trampolissimo: Das Theaterlabor. Juli bis Donnerstag, 1. Bitte mitbringen: bequeme Kleidung, Jause und Lust am gemeinsamen Spiel! Quality Life Forum. Jochberg, Cordialcup - Youth soccer tournament. Since its establishment in , the tournament has developed into one of the biggest soccer - youth - tournaments in Europe and for many teams, particularly in the upper echelons of the first divisions, it is a fixed date during Whitsun. This year again, the girls will show off their ball skills at the "Cordial Girls Cup".

Every year, more than teams from around 15 countries vie for victory in the Cordial Cup. The main focus is on the social gathering of singers and music lovers. The music bands will perform at the mountain huts and restaurants in the hiking area of Kirchberg. The grand finale will be a magnificent parade of all the choirs concluding with a big party in the village square. Musical performances of the singers in the centre. Under the guidance of licensed and experienced BVB football youth coaches, football-loving children train on the basis of the BVB young talent concept and receive first-hand tips and tricks.

Subject to reservation depending on the number of participants. Kreatives sehen, malen und gestalten mit Dr. August bis Freitag, August jeweils von bis Uhr Ausstellung: Freitag, August, Uhr Schauen, entdecken, sammeln und ausprobieren! Trampolissimo: Himmel hoch jauchzen - Figurentheater spielen. Bitte mitbringen: Bequeme Kleidung, Malhemd, Jause und evtl. Am Montag, 8. Juli starten die Ausfahrten. Music festival. The preliminary competition program: Friday, Kirchberg Kost.

On six Fridays in July and August the village square of Kirchberg changes from Local innkeepers present their specialties and drinks and sell samples. From 8. In addition, the shops of the Kaufmannschaft Kirchberg at the village square and near the village square offer longer opening hours on the particular dates. There is also a small corner for children. Libro Balloon Cup. We will publish the programme and more informations in some time. We ask for your understanding. Once again our Dutch friends plan a week of great fun, partying and good atmosphere!

Daily from 6. Entrance is free of charge! Chamber Music Festival Hopfgarten. Programme details will follow soon. Special guest performance by "Tiroler - Stimmen" - free admission! Alpine Foodie Weeks on the Hohe Salve. During the cattle drive season the inn keepers from Hopfgarten Salvenberg offer traditional Tyrolean specialities. No matter whether breakfast, afternoon snack or lunch - the landlords of the mountain inns on the Hohe Salve are well known for their exquisite cooking. At this time of the year, however, they offer their guests exceptional traditional delicacies and special treats from the Tyrolean cuisine.

On Sundays, the team will serve you delicious home-made mushroom goulash. The mountain innkeepers are looking forward to your visit! White Pearl Mountain Days. Sun skiing, cool sounds, international cuisine, a health and fitness programme as well as your personal sun lounger - Alpine Lifestyle! Detailled programme on www. Dance Alps Festival. Mal von Juli bis August das Mekka des Tanzes. Alle Detailinfos unter www. Johann Christmas Market takes place from noon until 8pm on the main square in the heart of the village centre.

Advent in the mountains. Special guest performance by "Die Hoameligen" - free admission! Recommended age: 4 — 12 years. Registration: not required, just come along! Enjoy the special feeling with Music and Shopping! Kids Play Street from 7pm The groups of artists will enchant you with huge sculptures, such as the oversized house of cards, a wooden bridge or a ring rolling in serpentine lines.

Ski Show. Every Tuesday show with the Ski Schools St. Music direction: Rock, Pop, Austropop and Evergreens from the past decades. Location: Brixen im Thale village Beginn: ca. Small summer festival with concert by the Brixen music group, one of the best brass bands in Tyrol. Location: Brixen im Thale village square. Be amazed at the old handcrafts, sample delicious treats from the farm and enjoy a good glass of wine and traditional music.

Location: centre of Westendorf. Johann Farmers Market. At the weekly market stalls you would expect about 22 local and regional providers: For pleasure trip with fresh vegetables, crisp fruit, bread, bacon, cheese and other delicacies from St. John and surrounding areas. For the exploration of traditional crafts, culinary delights and gifts for every occasion.

Am Samstag, 6. Juli 12 Uhr unter stadtachiv kitzbuehel. Ullis Lady Tournament. Pippi Langstrumpf. Das Kracherl 2. Juli ab Beginn einer Episode jeweils zu jeder vollen und halben Stunden ab Kinder werden gebeten in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen am Kinonachmittag teilzunehmen. Pippi Langstrumpf Kinonachmittag. Juli ab 14 Uhr zum heiteren, bunten Kinonachmittag in die arena mit Pippi Langstrumpf ein.

Beginn einer Episode jeweils zu jeder vollen und halben Stunde ab 14 Uhr. The net profit will be used to support the training of kids and young people in the water rescue Fieberbrunn. Grand prize: 1 seasonal ticket for the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn, other great prizes. There will also be a raffle with fantastic prizes to win. All visitors are warmly welcome to join the celebrations — dog owners or no dog owners alike.

Refreshments and food will be available all day. Cinema Monoplexx: Le grand Bal. Jeden Sommer kommen mehr als zweitausend Menschen aus ganz Europa in eine kleine Stadt in Frankreich. Den Tanz ist reine Freude. Hier tritt inner-nationale Musik auf internationale Musik, Aufgeschriebenes trifft auf Ausgegrabenes, Traditionelles trifft auf Pop. Tuxer Golftrophy. Airdrenalin - Model Aircraft Show. Als weiteres Highlight werden manntragende Flugzeuge und Hubschrauber am Boden und in der Luft zu bewundern sein. Saint Ulrich day. In the forecourt of the parish church the parish council organises the traditional parochial party again.

A concert of the federal band rounds the programme. For feeding and drink is provided very well. Beginning is after the Sunday fair - entry freely! Open air theatre 'Die Geierwally'. Ticket reservation: Every Monday - concert of the local brass band of St. Only in case of good weather! Fieberbrunner 'Bummelnacht'. The well known "Bummeltaler" will be replaced by a "Bummelband" entrance bracelet , which gives access to all play facilties during the whole evening.

There will also be changes concerning the play facilities, they will get more interactive. Children and youths can for ecample match up at a mini golf tournament in the center of Fieberbrunn. And our popular mascot Tatzi will have join us again. So look forward to warm summer nights with nice entertainment, fun and action! Live on stage: Martin Zagrajsek. Biathlon in summer.

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Only by dry weather. Family pony trekking in Itter. From Children's joy in every respect! For children aged 3 years and older, Today is going to be a special day for your children. A leisurely guided trekking tour with Renate and the ponies through Itter. Booking: by 5. Spare rips evening 'American Style' with Live Music.

Sommerkonzert d. Every Friday. Clothes and accessoires, bread and sweets, souvenirs and gifts, honey, bacon, "Schnaps" and other local products, Bring the ingredients for barbecuing yourself - cold drinks are available at the Zone Team. The Komm! Unity association offers a supervised, public barbecue area that can be used free of charge. Timoks 2nd Long Friday 'Panther Session'.

The event only takes place in case of good weather! Free entry ride on the gondola at regular prices. Also this summer, the park behind the senior citizens' home is going to be a favourite meeting place for music lovers. Traditional tunes as well as modern pieces will provide the setting for pleasurable evenings which are rounded off by a varied range of culinary delicacies. The concerts will take place in all weathers. The band is looking forward to your numerous attendance. Concert of the Itter village band. The concerts of the Itter village band are highly popular with our guests and locals alike.

They take place in all weathers. Have a great time! The band with inclines provide a place for concerts, a varied program. The sutlers Serve with a good glass of schnapps. We look forward to your visit! Das genaue Programm folgt. Hochfeldalm: Live Music with 'Schlossberger'. The Campers invites you to a cozy brunch with the duo "Se 2woa" in the new beer garden in all weathers.

In June, you can enjoy grilled chicken, pork knuckle or dishes from the menu starting at am. While the smallest guests can enjoy the spacious playground, adults can enjoy a fresh draft beer. In addition, fresh white sausage and pretzels are served. Fun with Triassi and Irene. Big triassic superstar party, cool winning game and beach party with Triassi.

Participation free of charge - no registration necessary. Only in good weather. Concert at the bandstand in Aschau. Traditional, classic and modern brass music along with sophisticated overtures by Musikkapelle Aschau. Night hikes make for a unique and magical experience no one should miss out on! Free of charge with guest card "St. Johann Card", without St.

Johann in Tirol, duration: about 2 hours We are sorry, but dogs are not allowed. West Austrian Senior's Rally. Live on stage: Stefanie Tipelius and Friends. Summer Night - Open Air Cinema. There is nothing like strolling around the town centre on a mild summer evening knowing that something summerly special is still going to happen tonight. One euro per bottle and glass sold will be donated to a charitable organisation.

Ticket presale: Tourist Office St. Sommerkonzert der Bundesmusikkapelle St. Timoks 3rd Long Friday 'Knappenmusikkapelle Fieberbrunn'. Long friday with the local brass band of Fieberbrunn! Special concert in a romantic atmosphere and with a rousing programm - dont't miss it! Bergkonzert d. Concert of the Kelchsau brass band. Open-air concert of the Kelchsau brass band by the club house. Have a great time. Brass Band Concert in Westendorf. Specktiv - a treat for your eyes and taste buds. Food and drinks are provided! Admisson free! Jakobi Sonntag - Patrozinium mit Pfarrfest.

For food and drink is taken care of. Entry free! Private Tournament Alfred Hiebl. Ammoniten of cement sculpt and decoprate. Participation free of charge, no registration necessary. Meeting place handicraft room Triassic Park. At Triassi is coming to dance with us! Live on stage: Sunny Side Up. Theatre Evening in Kirchberg.

Experience lively and exciting plays performed in turn by the Kirchberg dramatics group or various guest groups. Musik im Wirtshaus. Kitz Alps Trophy. Every friday - market day! Live Musik. Under the motto "Pop meets country, Austro meets rock and young meets old" a cosy evening with live music is organised in the Seewirt restaurant. Kelchsauer Plattenwerfer- und Hufeisenturnier. Invitation to the 8th Kelchsauer Plattenwerfer and Horseshoe Tournament For food Schopf, sausages and drinks, coffee and cake is well taken care of.

Big raffle. Ursula und Franz Reisch. Hopfgarten Salvena-Lake Run. Running course: around the lake, including the fun park area Average running time per lap: approx. New this year: we run for a good cause and collect money per finished lap for a person in need. Annakirchen beim Brechhornhaus.

Mass in honour of St. Anna at the Anna chapel near the Alpengasthof Brechhornhaus. Afterwards the team of the Alpengasthof Brechhornhaus provids musical entertainment and food. Anna's day at the Hohe Salve. The duathletes will be back on the Sun, July 28, again the Combi Challenge. Together, it is necessary to climb the Harschbichl at meters altitude on the bike and meters altitude difference. On Sunday the 28th of July will be neutralized at at the main square St.

The start numbers and late entries can be picked up or carried out in the Kaisersaal. Live on stage: The Jazz Triangle. Golf Tirol Cup. Summer Night - Folkloric Evening. Music on the mountain at the Wildseeloderhaus. Enjoy typically tirolean music at various alpine huts in the PillerseeTal.

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Starting at 13h00, free entrance. The event is subject to changes in weather. Timoks 5th Long Friday 'Cotton Underwear'. Long friday with "Cotton Underwear": Rock'n'Roll - own interpretations of rock classics ans well as current rock songs combined with energetic stage performance! White Party. Dresscode White! Tyrol Trophy of the horse and cart drivers. This competition is part of the Tyrol trophy of horse and cart drivers. The dressage starts at 10 am. Afterwards the obstacle course takes place. Morning pint with 'Tiroler Blasmusik'. Transfiguration of Christ. Live on stage: Acoustic Lounge.

Prayers at the Hohe Salve. Andacht auf dem Gipfel der Hohen Salve. Von Juli bis Oktober wird jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat um The weekly cult summer festival on the village square in Brixen with live concerts by top bands. Music genre: Rock, Pop, Austropop and Evergreens from decades past. Timoks 6th Long Friday 'De Andern'. Long friday with "De Andern": three guitarists and one bass - songs from four decades of music history, polyphonic singing without drums and keyboard!

Concert military musik Tirol. Matronas Waidring presents beachvolleyballmatch Registration and information volleyball. Vespa Italia Party. Die Runde und das Ziel wird noch nicht verraten, aber es wird auf jeden Fall ein Highlight. Auch heuer gibt es wieder eine Original Vespa und weitere tolle Preise bei unserer Tombola zu gewinnen.

Jeder Vespa-Fan ist herzlich dazu eingeladen dabei zu sein. Gastkonzert der 'Alten Kameraden Freistadt'. Live on stage: Rockoustic. The weekly cult summer festival on the village square in Brixen with live concerts by top bands is organized today under the motto "Country". Modernes Sommerkonzert d. Summer Night - Komma Cabaret Night. Mountainbike Race on the Hahnenkamm. Holy Mass on 'Tristkopf' mountain.

Konzert der Bundesmusikkapelle St. Timoks 7th Long Friday 'Con. Long friday with "Con. From relaxed smooth-jazz to wicked blues to groovy soul! The rural youth ass. Kirchbichl invites you to their "Zuzepfn" party with party tent, DJ and Weissbier tent. Academia Vocalis - Prize Winner Concert Mountain mass at the 'Durchkaseralm'. Enjoy recitals of the best solo artists of the masterclasses Direction: Univ.

Live on stage: Two and a half Band. Brazilian evening with live music. Brazilian evening with original Brazilian products and dishes, prepared by a native Brazilian: Chef Michelle! Reservation requested at or Timoks 8th Long Friday 'Wildseeloder Blos'. Long friday with the "Wildseeloder Blos": brass music at its best - march, polka, boogie boogie and solo interludes!

Musical finesse to humorous elements. Circus Party Night. Lasst uns narrisch werden. Dresscode: Bunt. French fish market. Church service on Sonnjoch mountain. The Johann-Georg Angerer shooting company is organizing this year's open-air service on Sonnjoch mountain m The members of the shooting company are looking forward to your attendance. Holy mass at the cross Ochsalmkreuz. Participate at the holy mass at the Ochsalmkopf, which is situated above the restaurant Ochsalm. Live on stage: The Pianolas. Ab The Tyrolean Provincial Museums and the lift company Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn introduce you to the wonders of nature.

In this summer, the lift company Bergbahnen organizes Science Hikes in cooperation with the Tyrolean Provincial Museums. An experience for the whole family, revealing many hidden talents, exciting stories and bizarre peculiarities of nature. The guided tour is free of charge, for the ascent with the cable car you have to buy a regular ticket. Geological events and processes that took place on earth millions of years ago often continue today, characterize the shape of our alpine habitat. Although, rocks are often static, barren and inhospitable, they provide a dynamic habitat for specialists from several groups of organisms.

Using a variety of strategies, they can survive at these extreme locations and even initiate the development of a livelier rocky desert into closed vegetation. Long friday with "Tyrol Music Project": Jump with us into the musical colour pot! Open air concert of the BMK Kirchbichl brass band. Start: 7. Concert will take place in all weathers. Have a nice evening! Memorial Service. Live-Music with 'Kas u'schneidn'. Holy mess at the Brunnalm.

Commemorative Service for Dead Mountaineers. Season-ending of the local brass band. Holy Mass at the mountain Harlassangerjoch. The holy mass starts at midday. We recommend to take the lift Gaisberglift not later than 10 am because afterwards you have to walk for approximately one and a half or two hours. The mass will be accompanied with music. Charity Tournament in favor of the organisation 'Rettet das Kind'. Budokon Workshop. The Warrior and the Yogi Kraftvoll. Dabei liegt der Schwerpunkt auf der vollen Bewegungsachtsamkeit in jedem Moment.

Encounter of traditional folk music singers and bands in Itter. At this year's musical encounter, the so-called "Musikantenhoagascht" you'll be treated to traditional folk music. Yoga Beginner Workshop. Jetzt hast Du endlich die Gelegenheit, in die Welt des Yoga einzutauchen. In case of bad weather the event takes place on Free entry! Start: noon at the lift parking area Kelchsau Entertainment and lovely regional delicacies are waiting for you. We are looking forward to your numerous coming - see you there! Culinary Fall Wine Festival. More details are to follow shortly With a total length of kilometers and 23 individual stages, the Eagle Walk is one of the Alps' most famous long-distance hiking routes.

The first stage starts at Rummlerhof in St. After enjoying the superb views we head back to Gasthof Rummlerhof. Walking time: approx. Trails can have exposed sections that require a good head for heights.

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Hikers who show up with inappropriate gear will not be allowed to join the tour! All guided hikes are free of charge with St. Any cost for taxi and mountain lifts must be paid by the participants themselves. Dogs are not allowed! No registration required! Equipment: sturdy hiking boots no trainers! Hiking poles can be rented at the tourist office.

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Dumpling Hike with Dumpling cooking corse. The guided hike leads from the tourist office St. Johann in Tirol to the mountain inn Hirschberg. There the participants are expected by the farmers' wives and cook Kaspressknoedel together, which are tasted naturally then also in cosy round. Free hike with the St. The start is at the tourist office in St. The tour leads comfortably along the winter toboggan run to the Alpengasthof Hirschberg. There, Peter from the Auner Buam is playing traditional Tyrolean music. Then we hike to the two mountain lakes. Afterwards we take the gondola back to the valley.

We take the hikers' shuttle to Rummlerhof where we walk through a beautiful mixed forest to Granderalm. After a break we head back to the valley. Dumpling Hike: Dumplings reinterpreted. The guided hike leads from the information office St. Johann in Tirol to the mountain railway SkiStar St. From there you take the Harschbichlbahn to the mountain station. The hike leads down to Grander Schupf. There the participants can expect hearty music and dumplings reinterpreted. After the morning pint the hike continues to the Rockbar.

There the hike ends with live music and various dumpling delicacies. The trail leads through a breathtakingly beautiful landscape to pristine Lake Wildalpsee. Leaving the lake we continue to the top of Wildseeloder at 2,m. After entering our names into the summit log, we briefly head down the western ridge before climbing to the second peak of the day, the Henne at 2,m. Refueled and refreshed, we hike via the romantic Wildalmen to the mid terminal where we take the gondola back to the valley. We continue our hike past a small pond and a game enclosure and through the lush meadows and forests of Kalkstein plateau to Haberberg.

A beautiful forst trail takes us back to St. From there we continue through a mixed forest up to Gmail chapel, at meters - the highest point of our hike. The high baroque chapel was built into a rock cave in We then walk down to Lourdes Grotto. Many years ago a St. Johann local who had been healed in Lourdes placed a statue of the Virgin Mary in a rock shelter here as a sign of his gratitude.

Guided Hike to the fest at Harschbichlalm. From there we take the gondola to the middle station. We walk about 1. Johann Card" - without St. Fest at Harschbichlalm. Lassen Sie sich ab Concert of the St. Petra Frey. Der Darling der Nation. Ein Sonnenmensch aus dem Schlagerland. Raiffeisen Autumn Run. LG Decker is organising the 20th Int. Itter Raiffeisen Autumn Run More info to follow soon Info: www. We drive to Hinterberg in Kirchdorf. During the hike your guide will tell you exciting stories and tales about this place.

After a leisurely stop at Prostalm we hike back to Hinterberg. IDUS summer fun. Sport, play and fun for and with people handicapped physically and spiritually. The organising association IDUS - Intergration provides, as usual, very well for feeding and drink by sport! Entry freely! This beautiful hike offers spectacular views of the Hohe Tauern Range and the rugged peaks of the Wilder Kaiser Massif.

Return to the valley to cosy Gasthaus Rummlerhof. After enjoying a snack and the views of the surrounding mountains, we hike via Kalkstein Peak to Sameralm and down to St. Taxi to Ellmau. The trail up to Ellmauer Tor is very steep in some places and has steel cables for hand holds at one location. The magnificent views from Ellmauer Tor are well worth the effort!

After a long rest we hike back to the valley. Prerequisites: sure-footedness and a good head for heights. Effort Level: - 1. Guided hike: Treasure at the Wilder Kaiser. On our hike through the nature reserve to Ranggenalm, the Kaiser massif is our constant companion, and we really get to enjoy the beautiful views throughout the hike. Loaner binoculars are available for use during the hike. Our hiking guide shows you a piece of their homeland. Difficult Alpine hikes and summit adventures in the heart of Windautal. Einkehr am Ende der Wanderung! Mindestteilnehmeranzahl: 2 Personen.

Family Torch-lit Hike in Westendorf. An athmospheric walk with torches and lanterns accompanied by an interesting story about Westendorf rounds off the day perfectly. Registration: Wednesday, Along old trails that have long since been forgotten where only mountain sheep are left. For more information check out our weekly programme. Torchlight hike around Kirchberg. Enjoy this romantic torchlight procession, which is suitable for young and old alike. Please note that there is no hike if the weather is bad!

We hope for a lucky catch while fishing and can look forward to some barbecued rainbow trout or char. We fish according to the 'catch-release' principle and only take fish which we plan to eat. Registration: by Thursday, 6. Alpine hike - Insights into summer on the alpine pasture. Hike to fish for trout.

At the Erlensee we try to catch some rainbow trout or char. These are expertly barbecued afterwards. This program takes place regardless of the weather conditions. Kneipp treatments with Gabi. Get valuable tips on the right Kneipp technique to promote health, relaxation and balance and to attain a holistic effect on your body, spirit and soul.

Trying out golf at the golf course in Westendorf. For golf enthusiasts, whether adults or children, there is a golf strater course at the golf course in Westendorf. Registration required! Registration: until 5. E-Bikes bitte vorab mieten oder mit privaten E-Bikes zum Treffpunkt kommen. This is the best value entry ticket in the mountains. More info.

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Holiday in. Johann in Tirol St. Jakob in Haus St. Choose your check-in date. Choose your check-out date 1 night 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights 7 nights 8 nights 9 nights 10 nights 11 nights 12 nights 13 nights 14 nights. More than kilometers of well-maintained trails in Brixental Valley alone make the area a true hiking paradise. Let our hiking and mountain guides show you the most beautiful corners and discover the most fascination spots in Tyrol's most scenic mountains.

All hiking trails are carefully laid out and maintained by our worker unit all summer long. The weekly program contains all guided hikes. Weekly program summer Alpine hike with Fritz Alpine hike with Fritz Kirchberg, Guided tour of Kirchberg Guided tour of Kirchberg Kirchberg, High-Proof 'light hike' High-Proof 'light hike' Westendorf, Panorama hike with Fritz Panorama hike with Fritz Kirchberg, Summernight festival Fieberbrunn, Village feast Brixen im Thale Brixen im Thale, AntiqueTractor Show Oberndorf, Play and adventure night with 'Bluatschink' Waidring, Open Air Concert in Kirchbichl Kirchbichl, Johann brass band St.

Literatur am Berg Arno Camenisch liest St. Family sunday at the Filzalmsee Brixen im Thale, Mountain-mass at the lake Wildseeloder Fieberbrunn, More information to follow shortly PM h Note. Waldfest Waidring, Johann Brass Band Free entry! Lunaplexx: BlackKkKlansman St. Lunaplexx: Gegen den Strom St. Lunaplexx: Love Machine St. Fest of the district brass bands Oberndorf,