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As she readies for her next entrepreneurial adventure, Lombard was kind enough to take time and share her proven process for turning worthy ideas into fantastic reality.

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It's easy to get a big rush from a big new idea, but oftentimes, haste can lead you down the wrong path. Lombard advocates for first checking to see if the new idea aligns with your company's value proposition. In other words, is failure an option? Taking on a new project requires a great deal more than just money. Lombard recommends that leaders carefully consider the available resources at his or her disposal before taking on a new project.

Do we have access to or can we create what we need to get this project done well? Resources include not only dollars but also the team required to make this happen--Are the right people in place, if not, can we get them in place quickly enough to action the project? A new idea won't amount to much if you don't know how you want to implement it into your company's current functions.

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Lombard suggests breaking the project down and defining the idea's purpose and goals for existing divisions as soon as possible. How can we expect others to get on board and participate if they don't understand the what and why," she states. It is what fuels the passion and drive behind the herculean efforts it often takes to get great things achieved. Goals are only part of the process and by themselves can lead to fast failure. Lombard explains, "The number one reason people give up so fast is because they tend to get overwhelmed and look at how far they have to go instead of how far they have come.

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Launch Full Case Study. Their digital transformation took shape and produced tangible profitable results.

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See Case Studies.

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