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How to Start a Fitness Business: 5 Tips You Need to Know

We offer an extraordinary, fun fitness facility where you can explore a variety of experiences like Team Training, Spin, Boxing, Cardio, Yoga, Zumba, Functional Training to name just a few. Have you been searching for a new fitness experience? Is your current gym pushing you to new limits by increasing your training intensity? Do they even care? Are you beginning and looking to start your first fitness journey? Not only does this require following a proper nutritional diet with the occasional treat, of course but you need to work out as well!

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I made a point to meet and develop relationships with everyone at the gym. Not just the people on the floor with me, but those who worked at the front desk, gift shop, and spa.


Within a few weeks, everyone knew my name, and everyone knew I was the hungry new trainer. Just like that, with no icebreakers necessary, I was given opportunities to chat with potential clients.

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It was the most effortless thing I did to build my client roster. They know and trust each other. Too many talented trainers leave the industry every year because they fail to build their business and struggle to make ends meet. Chances are, someone on that floor right now can use your help.

6 Things to Consider Before You Start Your Own Fitness Facility

Since , Jonathan Goodman has been helping hundreds of thousands of trainers do better jobs, run better businesses, and have better lives. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram. If you want to make more money then you need this. A clear road map to building your career from the bottom up so you can find more clients, boost your reputation and make more money. Learn how to make more, work smarter and do better.

6 Things to Consider Before You Start Your Own Fitness Facility | The PTDC

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Share this article :. Share on Pinterest. Dominating the gym floor is the best way for personal trainers to get more clients and be more successful. People want to see how much calories they burned, how they compared to their past averages, how they compare to other people — basically what they achieve when they leave a workout session. After class, all your stats — and this shows how many miles you biked, how many calories you burned, where you ranked in class, and all that — can be viewed on your account profile.

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Last January, Kessler opened the doors to a new studio — twice the size of her first — has added over 15 classes, and enjoys 70 to new students per month. If you want to know how to start a fitness business, the first thing you should figure out is how to acquire awesome trainer talent.

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Some [studios] might tap at a low rate to keep their overhead low, but I pay my teachers well. This means reaching out and engaging with your community on social media. Do you make it easy for customers to post about their experience? Do you respond in a timely manner that builds connections with existing clients?

Additionally, have you thought about untraditional marketing strategies to spread the word for your business? For example, ClassPass gave away passes to influential fitness bloggers in the beginning to quickly get their story out there. What could your fitness business do? Even worse, getting a fitness business up and running takes some time — so get used to having little in the bank. That is something that is extremely rewarding about running the fitness boutiques. Give us a call. Type below and hit Enter To search.