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Sadly, shredding makes things easy on the investigators. If all the tons of paper were still around, the courts would have spent years trying to figure out what the heck Enron was doing and whether it was legal, semilegal, or felonious.

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Now the whole bunch of them are liable for obstruction of justice, a relatively easy rap to prove. Instead of causing a lot of confusion and trouble, they're going to the hoosegow! Except they won't get the real guys! They'll get the teeny-weenies! That's the lesson. Wait--we knew that already!

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Even big guys have problems just like you and me. When the man George W. Bush calls Kenny-Boy--the infamous Kenneth Lay, the Enron mastermind if such a word can be used in this context --was asked why he needed to cash in hundreds of millions of dollars in options, he said he had Well, we can certainly see the problem. But Kenny-Boy Mr. Lay, he has expenses that lesser mortals can only dream of.

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In addition to his lifestyle, which is very costly, he also has debts, which are even worse than expenses. Most of those debts came from--guess where? That's a problem any Enron shareholder or employee can sympathize with. So, no man is completely unworthy of our sympathy. That's an excellent lesson.

Analysts are whores. Yes, incredible as it may seem, people sometimes don't have the best judgment in the world if they're being paid both to analyze companies and to finance their deals. That often happens when securities analysts advise management while at the same time evaluating their stocks. Don't worry about the feds. They'll be along later. As citizens of the U.

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To protect us from scoundrels who can't see the forest for the fees. Right about now, those guardians of the public weal are riding into battle, just in time to pick up the dead. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Let me know when you find it. It's better to be big and crooked than small and trusting.

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Yes, it's the little people down in Texas and the small investors with their life savings tied up in rancid stock who are taking it hardest. The rampaging beasts will hire sleazy lawyers, and pretty soon they'll be laughing over their juleps at the 19th hole. It may be a while until such an opportunity for filthy lucre comes again, but when it does, it's probably better to be numbered among the despicable winners than the pathetic losers.

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To understand the politics of terror it is essential to understand what the attack on the satirical magazine achieved. And whether it was just an attack on press freedom or far more calibrated than that. Clearly the very fact that the three young men in a black sedan planned the attack to the last detail suggests that Charlie Hebdo was the target.

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And it was the target because of the cartoons it had been publishing against Prophet Mohammad. Should it have?

And whether all lines can be crossed in the name of journalism to intrude into peoples privacy or as in this case, their religion? This is an important debate that needs to be carried on alongside all discussions arising from the terror attack as it feeds into the virulent propaganda machinery that has built itself around Islam that is the flavour at this point in time. It derives its legitimacy from terrorism, using the extremist action to hate and divide without the responsibility that needs to be an integral part of honest journalism.

So back to the question, what did the terrorist achieve? Anger directed against the terrorists, their handlers, their mentors. And anger as a natural corollarydirected against their religion and their faith. Action through Reaction. Action not against themselves as most of these terrorists are prepared to die.

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